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Seungahn Nah to Present AI and Journalism Research at Korean Institute for Basic Science

Seungahn Nah, University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications Dianne Snedaker Chair in Media Trust and Consortium on Trust in Media and Technology research director, will deliver an invited talk entitled, “Rethinking the Algorithmic Public Sphere: Artificial Intelligence (AI,) Journalism, and Democracy,” to the Data Science Group at the Center for Mathematical and Computational Sciences, Korea Institute for Basic Science on Oct. 19.

Seungahn Nah

In the presentation, Nah will pose the question “When AI penetrates journalism, what can AI do for democracy?” He will reference three of his ongoing studies concerning the intersection between AI, journalism and democracy.

The first study investigates algorithmic bias represented or reconstructed in news stories regarding the issues of abortion and immigration. The second explores the extent to which AI news platforms can address the issue of news deserts (or local communities without newspapers) in relation to civic deserts (or lack of civic engagement). The third study examines how news use and political discussions influence news credibility in AI vs. human produced news, which, in turn, may lead to civic participation.

Posted: October 14, 2022
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