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Marcia DiStaso Contributes to a Comprehensive 2022 Page Society Guide for Communication Leaders

Marcia DiStaso, University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications associate dean for Research and Public Relations professor, was part of a 13-member working group who reviewed research and provided content for Stakeholder Capitalism and ESG: A Guide for Communication Leaders published by the Arthur W. Page Society in July 2022.

The guide is a comprehensive resource designed to help communication officers and their teams build a systematic corporate commitment to creating societal value.

Marcia DiStaso
Marcia DiStaso

The guide uses examples from Page members’ companies to describe how each one defined their commitment, built corporate support to take action to meet their commitment, and their progress on establishing each of the three types of value creation: products and services, environmental, social and governance insights and corporate social activism.

According to the Guide, “You’ve got to establish credibility with business leadership by understanding their issues and constraints at a sophisticated level, and by being able to sort out essential insights from the noisy cacophony of voices.”

The guide also offers encouragement. “[S]peak up, even when you think your colleagues don’t want to hear. It takes guts to bring in the inconvenient truths, but the organization’s success depends upon those insights.”

Posted: July 14, 2022
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