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Cynthia Morton Co-Authors Article on the Effect of Health Communication Advertising on Patient-Doctor Communication

Cynthia Morton, University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications (UFCJC) Advertising associate professor, is the co-author of “What Women Want: The Effect of Health Agency on Patient-Doctor Communication” published in the fall 2021 issue of International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing.

Morton, Sabrina Habib, Ph.D. 2013, and retired UFCJC Professor Emeritus Jon Morris examined how health communication advertising has the potential to encourage women to initiate sexual health conversations with their doctor.

Jon Morris
Jon Morris
Cynthia Morton
Cynthia Morton

According to the authors, “The research questions examined the effect sexual health agency has on patient-doctor communication, women’s emotional responses to health advertisements encouraging patient communication with their doctors, attitude toward the message and behavioral intentions after exposure to the advertising message.”

They concluded that “No statistical difference existed between younger and older women. In general, women expect their doctor to lead conversations about sexual health but are positively reinforced by health messages that encourage their assertiveness as patients.”

Posted: September 2, 2021
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