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Spiro Kiousis Comments on Threats to Public Officials

Spiro Kiousis, University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications executive associate dean, was quoted in “Social Media Wars: Ex-Water Board Member Retaliates Over Threats” published in The Palm Beach Post on Feb. 8.

Spiro Kiousis
Spiro Kiousis

The article focuses on the social media and public criticism that several of the members of the South Florida Water Management District governing board have received regarding health concerns from toxic algae in Florida waterways. The management district oversees drainage in 16 counties from Orlando to the Keys.

According to Kiousis, complicated issues can get simplified when communicated by the media or politicians, leading people to believe there are bad guys and good guys, rights and wrongs, with no in between.

“When there are many factors at play, the discourse can become more about emotion and being adversarial instead of really understanding the nuances of the issues and that every solution has a series of drawbacks and advantages,” Kiousis said. “It’s ironic that we have more information out there than ever before, but we tend to have conversations in our own echo chambers.”

Posted: February 13, 2019
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