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Public Interest Communications Program Receives Center Status

The University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications Public Interest Communications (PIC) program has been granted center status by UF and the Florida Board of Governors. The new Center for Public Interest Communications will be first of its kind in the nation and demonstrates CJC’s leadership and dedication to the growing public interest communications discipline.

Ann Christiano

The Center will focus on and support the three primary goals of the original CJC Frank Karel endowment by building and testing both undergraduate and graduate curricula for adoption by other universities; nurture, generate and promote scholarship that can advance the practice of public interest communications; and build and support a vibrant community among those who practice, fund or study public interest communications.

Karel Endowed Chair in Public Interest Communications Ann Christiano will serve as the Center director and will be supported by a program director and a research director. CJC Public Relations Professor Linda Hon’s role as Journal of Public Interest Communications supervisor and Kelly Chernin as Journal manager will also fall under the Center.

The Center will continue to work as a partner to organizations who are adopting a public interest communications approach, and to hold workshops to help social change leaders and scientists develop communication strategies rooted in sound research. The College’s PIC program has previously worked with organizations such as the Gates Foundation, Department of State, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Innovation Service, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Metropolitan Group, among others.

Posted: February 13, 2018
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