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Andrew Selepak Comments on Social Media, Trump and CNN


Andrew Selepak
Andrew Selepak

Andrew Selepak, University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications director of the online  Social Media Master’s program, was quoted in “CNN-Trump Wrestling Video Leads to Twitter Claims of Blackmail” published in USA Today on July 5.

Selepak believes that “this particular incident is not going to hurt [CNN’s] ratings and may boost them more. … They are putting themselves in the middle of yet another media firestorm, but this means people are talking about CNN, not Fox News, not MSNBC … not any of their rivals.”

Selepak added, “I would say it’s a very bad time for informed citizens, because we are not talking about important issues. We are talking about whether CNN is blackmailing an individual who currently is unknown because of some posts he made on a social media platform that the majority of Americans may not have even heard of before, or if they have, never have actually used.”

Posted: July 10, 2017
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