Crisis Communication

Pat Ford, University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications (UFCJC) Public Relations professional-in-residence and lecturer, was featured in “Reputation Management & Crisis Communication with Pat Ford,” an episode of the podcast “The Business That Story Built” posted on Aug. 28. In the podcast, host Christie Bilbrey asks Ford to…

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Posted: September 7, 2023

When something bad happens, the public wants to know in a manner that is both timely and appropriate. A timely response during a crisis is critical because the speed of crisis response can influence the success rate of crisis management efforts, teams, and strategies. With the increase in reach of…

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Posted: October 6, 2021

Companies can have a variety of reasons for engaging in what the public considers socially responsible (CSR) practices. These motives can range from the purely philanthropic to desiring a favorable image to increasing revenue. In a crisis situation, a campaign to communicate CSR needs to be especially sensitive to public…

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Posted: March 28, 2018