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Kristina E. Forman

Public Relations

Office: G035 Weimer Email:


Boynton Beach, Florida

Born and raised in South Florida, Kristina grew up in a household heavily influenced by film, comics, music, and pop culture. As a result, she had become well-acquainted with fandom at an early age. Through her undergraduate studies in art and literature, she developed a fascination with storytelling and how certain stories can resonate deeply with their audiences, creating fans. As a Masters student, Kristina’s interests have evolved into a desire to understand how fandoms are cultivated in the first place. More specifically, she is looking to learn how organizations craft their messaging to develop these loyal, engaged communities.


Bachelor of Arts, English – Florida Atlantic University
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studio Art – Florida Atlantic University
Certificate in Women’s Studies – Florida Atlantic University



Kristina is currently developing a body of research focusing social media and fan culture. She is especially interested in on the development of fandom as participatory culture through video-sharing platforms like YouTube. Her area of specialization is social media engagement and using engagement theory to understand cultivation of highly active online communities.