Internal Communication Research Hub

Internal Communication Resources

Resources for Research and Insights

Recommended blogs and resource sites for practical insights:

  1. The Institute for Public Relations’ Organizational Communication Research Center
  2. The Institute of Internal Communication
  3. Your Thought Partner Leadercommunicator Blog 
  4. All Things IC Blog
  5. Redefining Communications 
  6. IC Kollectif
  7. Arthur W. Page Society Knowledge Base-Internal Communication
  8. Communication 
  9. PRSA Employee Communication Section
  10. The Conference Board-Internal Communication 
  11. Harvard Business Review-Internal Communication
  12. The Integral Blog
  13. Intraskope-Internal Communication Perspectives

Recommended journals for academic research:

  1. Management Communication Quarterly
  2. Journal of Public Relations Research
  3. Public Relations Review
  4. Journal of Communication Management 
  5. International Journal of Business Communication
  6. International Journal of Strategic Communication 
  7. Corporate Communications: An International Journal 
  8. Journal of Applied Communication Research 

Resources for Teaching

  1. Internal Communication and Employee Engagement Sample Course Syllabus 
  2. Textbooks:
  3. Internal Communication Case Studies
  4. PRSA Silver Anvil Award Case Studies




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