Combination Degree

Professional Master's

Our on-campus Professional Master’s Degree Program is designed specifically for recent graduates or professionals who want to develop additional skills to become more competitive in today’s communication job market. Earning this advanced degree will make you more attractive in today’s competitive job market, enable you to command a higher starting salary and accelerate your career advancement possibilities.

Our accelerated Professional Master’s MAMC program was intentionally created to deliver maximum flexibility and accommodate students motivated to earn an advanced degree in a shorter timespan to be career-ready and more rapidly propel their careers. As a key part of this built-in flexibility, UF has developed a “mix and match” coursework structure that allows you to customize the direction you want your education to take, the focus areas most applicable to your career goals and the ability to set the right pace to meet your needs.

Below are the core courses Professional Master’s students are required to take.

  • MMC 6936—Applied Theory
  • MMC 6936—Digital Storytelling
  • MMC 6135—Data Visualization
  • MMC 6466—Digital Persuasive Communication

Please visit this page for full course descriptions.