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CJC Grad Makes Most of Gator to Gator Coaching Program

Adriana Fernandez

Adriana Fernandez, a Fall 2020 telecommunication graduate from Miami, learned of the Gator to Gator Coaching Program through an email she received, and she was immediately interested in taking part in it. She decided to sign up for the program because she saw it as a great opportunity to expand her network before graduating. 

“Our field is all about making connections, so I figured joining this program couldn’t hurt,” she said. 

Looking back on her experience, Fernandez says participating in the Gator to Gator Coaching program was one of the best decisions she made. At the time that she applied for the program, Fernandez was in the early stages of her job search and was nearing the end of her undergraduate career. But when she initially found out what coach she’d been paired with, Fernandez was skeptical.

“I was hesitant at first when I realized I got matched with a coach who worked in a different field than I was interested in,” she said.

Fernandez anticipated that her coach would be a professional in the media industry since that’s the field she aspires to work in. However, despite their differences, Fernandez and her coach formed an instant connection and bonded over their shared love for UF. Additionally, throughout the duration of the program, her coach provided her with resume feedback, valuable career advice and other professional insight. 

Ultimately, Fernandez’s coach was able to connect her with another professional in the media field who helped her secure an internship role at a large media and entertainment company. Through this experience, Fernandez learned how important it is never to close a door on an opportunity. 

Fernandez made the most out of her time in this program and is now completing a Master of Science in Management while simultaneously interning for her dream company. She feels that the Gator to Gator Coaching Program is an excellent way for students to connect with and learn from professionals in the industry. 

“I’d highly recommend this program to all students because any connection is a great connection,” she said. “You have nothing to lose.” 

Current graduating CJC students interested in participating can complete an interest form here.