The UF College of Journalism and Communications (CJC), one of the premier communication programs in the country, aims to be a leading institution in the study and teaching of artificial intelligence. Our renowned faculty are exploring the impact of AI on identifying and combatting the spread of misinformation, the use of AI in recruiting underserved communities in clinical trials, addressing the potential of AI to marginalize communities of color, and other important societal issues.


The College invites applications for two tenure-track/tenured positions, to be hired at either an assistant or associate professor level, dependent on qualifications. One position will focus on the role and impact of artificial intelligence in the news media. One position will focus on the role and impact of artificial intelligence in strategic communication.

These faculty members will work in partnership with UF’s Consortium on Trust in Media and Technology, a program designed to address the global trust crisis by connecting scholars and thought leaders across disciplines to conduct research and develop applications supporting media and technology that is credible and equitable.

Both positions will focus on the connection between artificial intelligence, trusted information, and ways AI affects communication that serves the public good.


Professor Kun Xu is conducting research on communicating with social robots.
The STEM Translational Communication Center is working with virtual assistants to help increases cancer screening among underserved populations.


A Focus on AI

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