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Kun Xu Co-Authors Article on Human Responses to an Artificial Intelligence Newscaster

Kun Xu, University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications Media Production, Management, and Technology assistant professor in emerging media, is the co-author of “Man vs. Machine: Human Responses to an AI Newscaster and the Role of Social Presence” published in The Social Science Journal on Jan. 28.

Xu and colleagues investigated people’s perceptions about an artificial intelligence (AI) weather newscaster compared to a human newscaster.

Kun Xu
Kun Xu

According to the authors, “Primary findings indicate that people perceive a human newscaster as more credible than an AI newscaster; however, information seeking intentions and behavioral intentions do not differ between the type of newscaster. Further, when listening to a weather newscast delivered by an AI newscaster, the perceived social presence is positively associated with greater levels of credibility, information seeking intentions, and behavioral intentions.”

They add, “Collectively, this exploratory research suggests the possibility that AI newscasters can be incorporated to the news broadcasting industry when human resources are limited.”

Posted: February 4, 2022
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