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CJC Faculty and Doctoral Student Co-Author Article on Blood Cancer Caregiving During COVID

University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications scholars Carla Fisher and Carma Bylund and CJC doctoral students Chelsea Hampton, Taylor Vasquez and Amanda Kastrinos are the co-authors of “Blood Cancer Caregiving During COVID-19: Understanding Caregivers’ Needs” published in Translational Behavioral Medicine on May 25.

Their study explored how the pandemic has affected adult child caregivers’ experiences caring for a parent diagnosed with a blood cancer, as well as their experiences of uncertainty and uncertainty management.

According to the authors, “Caregivers with parents diagnosed with acute blood cancers used significantly more uncertainty management strategies and had more sources of uncertainty than caregivers with parents living with chronic blood cancer types. Findings highlight the need for supportive services to help caregivers manage uncertainty and improve their capacity to provide care in an unpredictable global health crisis. Such support may reduce poor psychosocial outcomes.”

They add, “The findings from this study help illuminate how caregivers’ experiences of uncertainty are magnified during a public health crisis. Results also indicate that caregivers’ uncertainty management needs may be especially heightened when caring for a parent diagnosed with an acute blood cancer. This study demonstrates the need for supportive resources that can attend to cancer caregivers’ psychological burden.”

Kevin Wright, Allison Applebaum, Maria Sae-Hau, Elisa Weiss and Greg Lincoln also served as co-authors for this article.



Posted: June 16, 2021
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