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Janice Krieger Co-Authors Articles on Patient-Centered Electronic Consent and Motivational Interviewing to Encourage Vaccinations

University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications STEM Translational Communication Center Director Janice Krieger is a co-author of “An Electronic Tool to Support Patient-Centered Broad Consent: A Multi-Arm Randomized Clinical Trial in Family Medicine” published in the Annals of Family Medicine on Jan. 11.

Janice Krieger
Janice Krieger

Krieger, Elizabeth Golembiewski, Arch Mainous, Kiarash Rahmanian, Babette Brumback, Kenneth Goodman, Ray Moseley and Christopher Harle examined ways to compare the effects on patient experiences of three electronic consent (e-consent) versions asking patients to share their health records for research. They found that a majority of participants consented to future uses of their health record information for research.

According to the authors,Patients who used e-consents with interactive research details and trust-enhancing messages reported higher satisfaction and understanding at six-month follow-up. Research institutions should consider developing and further validating e-consents that interactively deliver information beyond that required by federal regulations, including facts that may enhance patient trust in research.”

Krieger also was a co-author of “A Feasibility Trial of Parent HPV Vaccine Reminders and Phone-Based Motivational Interviewing” published in BMC Public Health on Jan. 11.

Krieger, Stephanie Straras Eric Richardson, Lisa Melo, Jiang Bian, Lindsay Thompson, Matthew Gurka, Ashley Sanders and Elizabeth Shenkman assessed the feasibility and acceptability of a sequential approach of parent-targeted HPV vaccine reminders and phone-based motivation interviewing.

According to the authors, “Without providing explicit consent to receive vaccine-related messages, parents nonetheless found postcards and interactive text messages acceptable. Centralizing motivational interviewing to phone calls with trained staff was acceptable to parents and resulted in highly adherent interviews.”

Posted: January 12, 2021
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