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Herbert Lowe Authors Opinion Article on Racial Justice and His Hope for Students

Herbert Lowe, University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications Journalism lecturer, is the author of the opinion article “Black Professor: My Hope for My Students in Fight for Racial Justice” published on on June 29.

Lowe shares experiences as a Black man in the U.S. and in an institution of higher learning.

Herbert Lowe

“I have been a Black man in this country for decades, and so not expecting my daily existence to change much. It was sometimes too hard with respect to race in the years before 2020. It’s sometimes too hard this year. It will likely be sometimes too hard next year, too. In sum, I just hope to get home safely without someone putting their knee on my neck.” Lowe said. “Again, to be fair, more White Americans have been speaking against racism recently. Stepping back from the peaceful protests in the streets, I’m mindful that seemingly everyone across higher education — just like in our nation’s newsrooms — supports inclusion, diversity and equity.Until, that is, they are asked to do something different.”

According to Lowe, “More than ever, our college students of color need to have more mentors and role models on campus who are from families and communities like theirs. Who better to offer them not only inspiration but also comfort in a world that is increasingly complicated and dangerous?

He adds, “I hope and pray that years from now, they won’t have to recall moments when their skin color unnecessarily led to police interaction. Or that just the sight of a marked car causes them fright.”

Posted: June 30, 2020
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