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Andrew Selepak Comments on Proposed Facebook Regulations and Online Dating Apps

Andrew Selepak

Andrew Selepak, University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications director of the online  Master’s program with a specialization in social media, was featured in “McCain Backs Bill to Regulate Political Ads” on CNBC on Oct. 19. Selepak joined Sara Fischer, Axios media and advertising reporter, to discuss the proposed bill that would regulate political ads on social media.

Selepak was also quoted in “Eight Signs a Dating Profile Isn’t Telling the Whole Truth” published in Reader’s Digest on Oct. 18. Selepak asserts that there are telltale signs that dating profiles could be spam accounts.

“Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have users connect their accounts to Facebook. This often means the photos on their profile are also their photos on Facebook. Using amateur detective skills, it is possible to search for the person on Facebook using a few context clues including name, hometown, and school,” Selepak said.

Posted: October 23, 2017
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