We Are CJC block

Our Mission

Explained by Raegan L. Burden, MMC
Lecturer of Cultural Engagement (CJC)


The social uprising of 2020 represented the beginning of a long-overdue conversation regarding racism in our country. The hallowed halls of academia have been no exception! While universities around the country grappled with town halls, policies and initiatives, one question has been continually asked:

“What can we do?”

To me, the starting point was quite simple:
Voice and Visibility

#WeAreCJC (launched during Black History Month in 2020) is my contribution. In order to find the right solutions, I believe it’s imperative to hear from our diverse community members (e.g., Black/African-American, Latinx, API, LGBTQ+, persons with disabilities, and more). Each person – in their own voice, through their own lived experience. Through these reflections, we can learn and strategize the most optimal IDEA(s) to a more inclusive, equitable CJC community.

Believe me – the answers are found within the story. In fact, that’s the heart of media.

This amazing team of creative students, faculty and young alumni joined me to collaborate and create a dedicated space for our multicultural community. We’ve poured our passion and talents into this project!

We stand together.



Raegan L. Burden, MMC
We Are CJC, Creator & Executive Producer
Lecturer of Cultural Engagement
Department of Advertising (CJC)