human machine communication

The field of human-machine communication (HMC) has grown exponentially over the past 10 years with the advancement of new artificial intelligence technology. Research on HMC, which has become increasingly interdisciplinary, has also exploded focusing on both the technology itself and the implications for society. University of Florida ¬†College of Journalism…

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Posted: June 29, 2022

Social robots today are a $2 billion industry, which is expected to grow to $11 billion by 2026. While some believe that social robots are just human-like versions of voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, the emerging technology is being used in a variety of areas, including public health, elderly…

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Posted: February 7, 2022

People use cues every day, like social cues or nonverbal cues, to communicate. But how are these cues — relative to Siri, Alexa, social robots, or the myriad hybrid computer and artificial intelligence technologies — being developed? How would a self-driving car, for example, understand sarcasm and do they have…

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Posted: January 14, 2020