Sports at CJC Classes

In the Classroom

Students can choose from more than 15 courses across all of our majors ranging from sports reporting to sports branding.

Classes often feature guest lectures from CJC alumni and others providing insights and guidance on pursuing a sports media career. To watch some of these lectures, visit this YouTube playlist.


Sports-related courses at CJC include:

JOU 4313: Sports Reporting

This course drills down on interview and writing techniques, with an emphasis on writing quickly and vibrantly across media platforms.

JOU 4930: Race, Sports and Culture

This course examines the longstanding relationship of sports and media — and how it not only accelerated the pace of integration in America, but also reinforces social values; sometimes challenges social norms; and draws on race, class and gender to match sports values with cultural values.

PUR 3463: Sports Communication

This course offers instruction, analysis, and training in the principles and practice of public relations in sports organizations. Emphasis is on media relations and skills essential for sports communication professionals, including handling media interactions across platforms, problems, crises, and integration of positive communications strategies with strategic goals of sports organizations.

RTV 3502c: Fundamentals of Sports Production

This course is designed to develop professional video skills specific to sports media. Through active participation and hands-on experiences, students will sharpen their storytelling skills and develop their shooting and editing abilities.

RTV 3593: Multimedia Sports Reporting

This course is designed to offer instruction, analysis and training in sports information gathering and research, writing, interviewing and reporting in a digital age. Students receive practical experience in the Innovation News Center and WRUF-ESPN AM 850-FM 98.1 in the College of Journalism and Communications.

RTV 4930: Play by Play/On Air

This course prepares students for a career in on-air sports broadcasting. In addition to play-by-play, the course will cover hosting, analyst work, and interviewing.

RTV 4930: Live Sports Production (Women’s Lacrosse)

This course gives students an opportunity to work in crew positions producing UF Women’s Lacrosse on ESPN+. Students will get hands-on experience creating graphics, running cameras, replays, running the switcher and even producing/directing.

RTV 4930 – Studio Sports Production (Reptile Report)

This course gives students the opportunity to be on the production crew of the student sports news show The Reptile Report as well as help reporters in the field.

RTV 4959c: Sports Capstone

Usually taken in the last year of study, the capstone sports portfolio course integrates material from previous courses and requires each student to prepare a final project as well as a comprehensive e-portfolio to assist the student in a job search.

MMC 3703: Sports Media and Society

This survey course is about developing literacy and critical thinking skills about the sports industry and its relationship with the media. It covers the relationships between the sports industry, athletes, media, and audience. Students will learn about the evolution of sports media from the early sportswriters to the day when athletes control their own messages via social media.

MMC 3210: Sports Media Law and Ethics

This course is designed to offer instruction and knowledge in sports law and ethics. Even as non-lawyers, it is important that media professionals working in the sports industry have a grasp on applicable laws and ethical considerations.

Sports and Media Specialization

The College’s Sports and Media specialization includes an emphasis on writing, storytelling, production of content across media platforms, values and ethics related to sports media professions, and sports media and media law. Journalism core and sports core courses offer students basic and focused preparation, and professional electives allow students to gain knowledge and develop strengths in other areas.

Certificate in Sport Management

Students interested in sports and media also can choose to obtain a certificate in sport management. The certificate allows the selection of upper-division courses that pertain to a specific career focus in sport management. The additional knowledge, skills, and experience gained from this certificate can potentially elevate a student’s marketability to future employers.