Resources for Covering Freshwater

Resources for Covering Freshwater

Water Blogs

Michael Campana’s “Water Wired”

Robert Osborne’s “Water Crunch”

John Fleck’s “Inkstain”

AWRA’s Water Resources Blog

David Zetland’s “Aguanomics”

Noah Hall’s “Great Lakes Law”

Tom Henry’s “Ripple Effect”

Discover Magazine’s ImaGeo

National Geographic Water Currents

On Twitter

SRI Water and Climate Twitter List, including participants from the SRI

NOAA NCEI Climate –@NOAANCEIclimate

Climate Central –@ClimateCentral

Metcalf Institute –@MetcalfURI

Freshwater Science (Journal) –@FreshwaterSci 

Peter Gleick – @PeterGleick

Michael Campana –@WaterWired

UWM Freshwater Sci –@waterscienceUWM

Society for Freshwater Science – @BenthosNews

UN-Water – @UN_Water

Jay Famiglietti –@JayFamiglietti 

King’s Water –@KingsWaterKCL

Tom Yulsman – @yulsman

Emily Green –@chanceofraincom

Tara Lohan – @TaraLohan

Amena Saiyid – @amenasaiyid

Brett Walton – @WaltonWater

Climate change primer for those new to the beat…

What We Know” (The American Association for the Advancement of Science)

Climate Change: Evidence and Causes” (The National Academy of Sciences & Royal Society of the UK)

The Discovery of Global Warming” (The American Institute of Physics)

Global Climate Change: Vital Signs of the Planet” (NASA)

What’s Really Warming the World?” (Bloomberg)

State of the Climate: Extreme Events” (NOAA’s

Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation” (Special Report by the IPCC)

Reporting on Climate Adaptation, A Guide for Journalists (Reynolds Journalism Institute)

From the SRI

Caveat: This list doesn’t cover the waterfront, rather, it pulls together water resources recommended as particularly helpful by journalists who cover the water beat.

Key People on the Water Beat

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Scientific Papers

Water Journalism


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