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College  Awards

Each spring, the College honors its best and brightest at the Annual Award Banquet. Here are the awards for the 2017-18 academic year.

CJC Annual Awards Banquet 2018

Telecommunication senior Andrew Briz received the Ruth and Rae O. Weimer Award – the highest award for students. Advertising Associate Professor Robyn Goodman won Teacher of the Year, Advertising Associate Professor Carla Fisher won the Faculty Research Award and Journalism Professor Kim Walsh-Childers  won the Faculty Service Award and the Outstanding Doctoral Mentor was Jon Morris, professor, Department of Advertising. The College also honored four Alumni of Distinction: Erin Jill Andrews, B.S. Telecommunication 2000; Marnie Kain Cacossa, B.S. Advertising 1989; Charles Tobin, B.S. Journalism 1984 MAMC 1978; and Judy DeRango Wicks, M.A.J.C. 1984.

Faculty Awards

  • Teacher of the Year Award: Robyn Goodman, associate professor, Department of Advertising
  • Faculty Research Award: Carla Fisher, associate professor, Department of Advertising
  • Faculty Service Award: Kim Walsh-Childers, professor, Department of Journalism
  • Outstanding Doctoral Mentor Award: Jon Morris, professor, Department of Advertising

Graduate Studies and Research Awards

  • Julie Dodd Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award: Phillip Arceneaux and Bruce Getz
  • Outstanding Master’s Student: Liandra Larsen
  • Outstanding Student Research Award: Ah Ram Lee and Austin Vining

College-wide Awards

  • Ruth and Rae 0. Weimer Award: Andrew Briz
  • Dean’s Cup for Professional Promise: Caitlin Ostroff
  • Dean’s Cup for Scholarship: Caroline Jinks, Josie Kuhlman and Keiran Sheridan
  • Dean’s Cup for Service: Morgan Ginn

Department Awards Advertising

  • Outstanding Advertising Scholar: Caroline Jinks
  • Joseph R. Pisani Service Award: Morgan Ginn
  • Robert Glafcke Award: Victoria Alsina
  • Richard W. McGinnis Professional Promise Award: Nuchanart Tuntiserirat
  • John Sutherland Great Ideas Award: Lauren Perez-Maiy
  • Respess Award: Sarah Bodman


  • Outstanding Journalism Scholar: Katie Mellinger
  • John Paul Jones, Jr. Award: Ethan Bauer
  • Elmer Emig Award: Drea Cornejo and Caitlin Ostroff
  • G. “Buddy” Davis Award: Melissa Gomez
  • Society of Professional Journalists Award: Gabrielle Calise
  • Jean Chance Service Award: Andrew Briz

Public Relations

  • Outstanding Public Relations Scholar: Josie Kuhlman and Keiran Sheridan
  • Frank F. Rathbun PRSSA Award: Nicole Graney
  • Charles Wellborn Service Award: Aleksandra Karczmiarz
  • Jack Detweiler Professional Promise in Public Relations Award: Natalie Calvo and Jordan Folkes
  • Florida Public Relations Association Award: Demitroula Wolfe


  • Outstanding Telecommunication Scholar: Amanda Brennan and Andrew Briz
  • Major Garland Powell Award: Bonnie Katz
  • May Burton Award: Amanda Deery and Sabrina Simpson
  • Leslie Smith Management Award: Andrew Wright
  • WJXT-TV Award: Alexa Lorenzo

The Agency

  • The Somebody Award, Spring 2017: Lauren Maloney
  • The Somebody Award, Summer 2017: Sasha Sakay
  • The Somebody Award, Fall 2017: Abigail Kneal
  • The Somebody Award, Spring 2018: Cole Kraft

Media Properties

  • Jon Quattlebaum Award for Outstanding News Student: Daniela Hurtado
  • Ralph L. Lowenstein Broadcast News Award: Shamarria Morrison
  • Kenneth A. Christiansen Award for Service to WUFT-TV/FM: Ramsey Touchberry
  • Frank Counts Award for Television News Production: Rachel Trent
  • “Red” Barber Award: Savanna Collins
  • Doris Bardon Award for Overall Excellence in Broadcasting at WUFT-FM: Luke Sullivan
  • Excellence in Digital Media Award: Drea Cornejo
  • Excellence in Multimedia Meteorology Award: Lee Southwick
  • Excellence in Media Leadership: Andrew Briz and Bonnie Katz

Alumni of Distinction

  • Erin Jill Andrews, B.S. Telecommunication 2000
  • Marnie Kain Cacossa, B.S. Advertising 1989
  • Charles Tobin, B.S. Journalism 1984
  • Judy DeRango Wicks, M.A.J.C. 1984

The Awards Banquet program, including explanation of awards, is available here.