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Each spring, the College honors its best and brightest at the Annual Award Banquet. Here are the awards for the 2016-17 academic year.

CJC Annual Awards Banquet 2017

Telecommunication seniors Caitie Switalski and Aaron Zeiler won the Ruth and Rae O. Weimer Award – the highest award for students – at the Colleges’ annual Awards Banquet on March 31, 2017. Journalism Professor Ted Spiker won Teacher of the Year, Advertising Associate Professor Janice Krieger won the Faculty Research Awards and Public Relations Lecturer Deanna Pelfrey won the Faculty Service Award. The College also honored four Alumni of Distinction: Sandor Bondorowsky, B.S. Telecommunication 1992; Rosemary Goudreau O’Hara, B.S. Journalism 1976; Amy Burnett Gravina, B.S. Public Relations 1976, MAMC 1978; and Robert E. McClure, B.S. Journalism 1982. The first Julie Dodd Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award was given to Jasper Fessman and Rich Schumate. Following is the full list of faculty and student awards. Faculty Awards

  • Teacher of the Year Award: Ted Spiker, professor and chair, Department of Journalism
  • Faculty Research Award: Janice Krieger, assistant professor, Department of Advertising
  • Faculty Service Award: Deanna Pelfrey, lecturer, Department of Public Relations
  • Outstanding Doctoral Mentor Award: Cynthia Morton Padovano, associate professor, Department of Advertising
  • Professional Advisor Award: Nikki Dankers, coordinator of academic programs, Professional Advising and Teaching Hub

Graduate Studies and Research Awards

  • Julie Dodd Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award: Jasper Fessman and Rich Schumate
  • Outstanding Master’s Student: Amand Kastrinos and Lucy March
  • Outstanding Student Research Award: Jordan Nell and Jing (Taylor) Wen

College-wide Awards

  • Ruth and Rae 0. Weimer Award: Caitie Switalski and Aaron Zeiler
  • Dean’s Cup for Professional Promise: Briana Erickson and Meghan Mundo
  • Dean’s Cup for Scholarship: Sophia Karnegis and Brittany Valencic
  • Dean’s Cup for Service: Danielle Prinz and Natalia Tamayo

Department Awards Advertising

  • Outstanding Advertising Scholar: Megan Mundo
  • Joseph R. Pisani Service Award: Christina Yi
  • Robert Glafcke Award: Sydney Spofford
  • Richard W. McGinnis Professional Promise Award: Kristen Peebles
  • John Sutherland Great Ideas Award: Enrico Neira
  • Respess Award: Alana Saavedra


  • Outstanding Journalism Scholar: Brittany Valencic
  • John Paul Jr. Award: Briana Erickson
  • Elmer Emig Award: Jordan McPherson and Caitie Switalski
  • G. “Buddy” Davis Award: Emily Cochrane
  • Society of Professional Journalists Award: Cresonia Hsieh
  • Jean Chance Service Award: Laura Cardona

Public Relations

  • Outstanding Public Relations Scholar: Sophia Karnegis
  • Frank F. Rathbun PRSSA Award: Lauren Maloney
  • Charles Wellborn Service Award: Natalia Tamayo
  • Jack Detweiler Professional Promise in Public Relations Award: Kisa Mugwanya
  • Florida Public Relations Association Award: Aaron Zeiler


  • Outstanding Telecommunication Scholar: Stefanie Dopico
  • Major Garland Powell Award: Tonia Borsellino and Danielle Prinz
  • May Burton Award: Albert Tong
  • Leslie Smith Management Award: Anjanette Hall
  • WJXT-TV Award: Maggie Lorenz

The Agency

  • The Somebody Award, Spring 2016: Awurrama Acquah
  • The Somebody Award, Summer 2016: Sally Greider
  • The Somebody Award, Fall 2016: Adrian Cibran

Media Properties

  • Jon Quattlebaum Award: Sara Girard
  • Ralph L. Lowenstein Broadcast News Award: Paige Andringa
  • Kenneth A. Christiansen Award: Rebekkah Mar
  • Frank Counts Award: Michelle Stone
  • “Red” Barber Award: Fernando Juncadella
  • Doris Bardon Award: Caitie Switalski
  • Excellence in Digital Media Award: Briana Erickson
  • Excellence in Multimedia Meteorology Award: Amanda Holly
  • Excellence in Media Leadership: Jack Kramer, Meghan Mangrum and Ryan Roberts

Alumni of Distinction

  • Sandor Bondorowsky, B.S. Telecommunication 1992
  • Rosemary Goudreau O’Hara, B.S. Journalism 1976
  • Amy Burnett Gravina, B.S. Public Relations 1976, MAMC 1978
  • Robert E. McClure, B.S. Journalism 1982

The Awards Banquet program, including explanation of awards, is available here.