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What strategy should I use? Which message will resonate? How do people integrate emerging media technologies into their everyday lives? Questions like these are what drive the science of communication. These are questions only a well-trained researcher can answer.

Research is the foundation for effective communications.

In our program, you will become an expert in established and emerging research methods from some of the top researchers in media and communication science.  Qualitative and quantitative research methods, design and analyses will help prepare you for research-intensive Ph.D. programs and careers in both industry and academia.

As you do your own research to build knowledge in the science of communication, you will have access to researchers and practitioners with a range of expertise.

The college has seven primary areas of study:

  1. Health and Science Communication
  2. Media Effects
  3. Communication and Technology
  4. Law, Policy and History
  5. Media Industry and Consumers
  6. Strategic Communication
  7. International Communication

Take a look at the Research and Insights coming out of the college.

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To the left you will find past conference papers, research from our graduate students and information on the research lab. To the right you find information on our various MA tracks.

CJC Insights

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What the National School Walkout Says About Schools and Free Speech

When students walked out of school to protest what they see as lax gun laws, some risked punishment from their schools. But it may be worth it to send a First Amendment message.

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Changing Attitudes of Physicians May Improve Participation in Cancer Clinical Trials

Attitudes of primary care physicians play a key role in a recently diagnosed cancer patient’s access to and beliefs about clinical trial treatments. Acting as opinion ambassadors, they have the power to influence their patients’ attitudes and behaviors.

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Health Journalism Exhibits Both Improvement and Decline in Quality

Faced with dwindling resources, and a news cycle that never sleeps, today’s health journalists must meet a new challenge: provide complete, trustworthy content on health care issues with precision at the same breakneck speed with which the medical field innovates.

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Does Your Company Have a Proactive Crisis Communications Plan?

Companies can have a variety of reasons for engaging in what the public considers socially responsible (CSR) practices. How do they maintain their reputation and sense of alturisim in a crisis? Research suggests they should have a proactive strategy.

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