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What strategy should I use? Which message will resonate? How do people integrate emerging media technologies into their everyday lives? Questions like these are what drive the science of communication. These are questions only a well-trained researcher can answer.

Research is the foundation for effective communications.

In our program, you will become an expert in established and emerging research methods from some of the top researchers in media and communication science.  Qualitative and quantitative research methods, design and analyses will help prepare you for research-intensive Ph.D. programs and careers in both industry and academia.

As you do your own research to build knowledge in the science of communication, you will have access to researchers and practioners with a range of expertise.

The college has five primary areas of study:

  1. Health and Science
  2. Mediated Communication and Emerging Technology
  3. Political Communication, Ethics and Law
  4. International and Intercultural Communication
  5. Organizational Communication and Strategic Decision-Making

Take a look at the Research and Insights coming out of the college.

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To the left you will find past conference papers, research from our graduate students and information on the research lab. To the right you find information on our various MA tracks.

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Is Awareness Ever Enough?

The Frank Karel Endowed Chair in Public Interest Communications Ann Christiano, the Frank Karel Chair in Public Interest Communications sat down with Kristen Grimm, president of Spitfire Strategy, to discuss the role of raising awareness in driving long-lasting social change.

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When Do Funny Health Campaign Videos Work?

Funny health campaign videos are only as effective as their social media platform and associated comments.

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What Makes a Better Facebook Post

For health organizations seeking to reach audiences through Facebook, how posts are worded has an impact on who engages with them.

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Balancing the Truth In Newsroom Policy

To protect the integrity of the news as a source of information for the public, editors should adopt a “balance of interest” policy.

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