Public Relations

Transfers Transfers

Students already enrolled at the University of Florida who want to change their major to public relations or to add public relations as a second major must consult with the College of Journalism and Communications’ PATH office before applying for admission. Students from all majors must be “on track” or making appropriate progress toward graduation for their current major to be eligible to transfer to public relations.

Review Period

Transfer requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Prior to or during the semester/session of review, students applying for admission must take PUR3000 – Principles of Public Relations. Earning a “C” or better in PUR3000 is a prerequisite for subsequent courses in the major.


Students who have not been admitted to the College of Journalism and Communications must have a 3.0 overall GPA for admission. Students must have strong writing and critical-thinking skills.

Students are advised that changing to or adding a public relations major likely will require them to extend their time of study to obtain a bachelor’s degree by one or more semesters due to the major’s curriculum, which is structured by prerequisites and takes four or more semesters to complete. Students who require additional time past the 4-year timely graduation should work with a PATH advisor to submit a college petition for extension consideration.


All students who wish to change their major to public relations must first work with an adviser in the College of Journalism and Communications’ PATH office (Weimer 1060) to develop a semester-by-semester schedule of proposed courses starting the first semester after the semester in which the request is made. In projecting graduation dates, students must take into account all prerequisites and non-guaranteed availability of summer courses.

The completed semester schedule (signed by a PATH advisor) along with a completed  Major Change over 60 Credits Form should be emailed to Dr. DiStaso, Chair of the Public Relations Department at

Students with fewer than 59 credit hours who are on track for the major and have the minimum 3.0 GPA are exempt from this policy.  They may change their major to public relations by requesting the change to a PATH advisor.