Faculty members in the Department of Public Relations are available to provide professional/career advising. Faculty members are listed below by their areas of expertise. You are welcome to contact any of them for professional/career advising during their office hours or by email.

Please note that academic advising for public relations majors is available in PATH (1060 Weimer Hall) – not with the faculty listed here. In PATH, professional advisors can assist you and answer your questions about public relations classes, potential graduation dates, graduating with honors, degree checks, etc. It is best to consult the PATH office on University-wide matters, such as degree requirements. Also see the PATH office for initial academic advising; the Public Relations Department Chair – Dr. DiStaso (mdistaso@ufl.edu) can also assist in some matters.

Intercultural Communications, Social Media, ALPHA Productions, National Millennial & GenZ Council, HPRSA

Natalie Asorey, 2066A Weimer Hall, 352-273-4358, nasorey@ufl.edu

Public Interest Communications, Activism, Nonprofits

Angela Bradbery, 3200 Weimer Hall, 352-392-0466, abradbery@jou.ufl.edu

Healthcare Communications

Dr. Carma Bylund, 2022 Weimer Hall, 352-294-0420, carma.bylund@ufl.edu

Public Interest Communications, Public Relations Strategy, Campaigns

Ann Christiano, 3200 Weimer Hall, 352-392-0420, achristiano@ufl.edu

Corporate Purpose, Digital Communication, Public Relations Measurement, Investor Relations

Dr. Marcia DiStaso, 2085 Weimer Hall, 352-273-1220, mdistaso@ufl.edu  

Ethics/Professional Responsibility, Corporate Social Responsibility, Research

Dr. Mary Ann Ferguson, 3057 Weimer Hall, 352-392-6660, maferguson@jou.ufl.edu

Corporate Reputation, Crisis Communications

Patrick Ford, 3115 Weimer Hall, 352-294-0493, fordp@ufl.edu

Research Methods, Persuasion, Environmental, Science, and Political Communication

Dr. Jay Hmielowski, 3040C Weimer Hall, 352-392-3995, jhmielowski@ufl.edu

Public Interest Communications Theory, Digital Activism, Public Relations

Dr. Linda Hon, 3202C Weimer Hall, 352-294-2745, lhon@jou.ufl.edu

Public Relations Research, Political Campaigns, Online Communication

Dr. Myiah Hutchens, 3057 Weimer Hall, 352-273-4163, myiahhutchens@ufl.edu

Political Public Relations, Persuasion

Dr. Spiro Kiousis, Executive Associate Dean, 2096 Weimer Hall, 352-392-0466, skiousis@jou.ufl.edu

Public Relations Campaign, Digital Communications, Health Communication, APRSA

Dr. Moon Lee, 3050 Weimer Hall, 352-273-1699, mlee@jou.ufl.edu

Public Relations Research, Public Relations Campaigns, Internal Communications

Dr. Rita Linjuan Men, 3054 Weimer Hall, 352-294-2897, rlmen@jou.ufl.edu

Public Relations Campaigns, Strategy, Management, PRSSA

Mickey Nall, 2084 Weimer Hall, 352-294-1572, mickey.nall@jou.ufl.edu

Crisis Communications, Reputation Management, PRSA/PRSA Foundation, Bateman Competition, Black Public Relations Student Society (BPRSS)

Nyree Wright, 3108 Weimer Hall, (352) 392-3113, nyree.wright@ufl.edu