Advising Advising

Faculty members in the Department of Journalism are assigned to provide professional/career advising. You are welcome to contact any of them for professional/career advising during their office hours or by email.

Academic advising for journalism majors is available in the PATH (1060 Weimer Hall), where professional advisers can assist you and answer your questions about the journalism program, potential graduation dates, graduating with honors, degree checks, etc. It is best to consult the PATH office on university-wide matters, such as degree requirements. Also see the PATH office for initial academic advising; the journalism department chair can also assist in some matters.

Environmental Journalism, Narrative Storytelling

Cynthia Barnett, 3326 Weimer, 352-376-4440,

Narrative Nonfiction, Feature Writing, Reporting in Conflict

Moni Basu, 3327 Weimer, 352-273-3529,

Investigative Reporting, Political Reporting, Public Records

Ted Bridis, 2066C Weimer, 352-294-1543,

Communications Law, Media Law

Clay Calvert, 2060 Weimer, 352-273-1096,

Careers in journalism, resume and cover letters, job interviewing, writing and surviving the reporting class

Mike Foley, 3047 Weimer, 352-392-0410, ,

Photo, International Journalism

John Freeman, 3070 Weimer, 352-392-0430,

Reporting, Editing, Diversity, Digital Storytelling

Joanna Hernandez, 3046 Weimer, 352-273-1091,

Media Psychology and Effects

Sri Kalyanaraman, 3045 Weimer, 352-392-0847,

Photo, Design, Health Communications, International Journalism

John Kaplan, 3067 Weimer, 352-392-0435,

Data, Numeracy, Media Entrepreneurship, Ethics, Editing

Norman Lewis, 3052 Weimer, 352-32-5137,

First Amendment, Media Law, Access, Public Records

Frank LoMonte, 3210 Weimer, 352-392-2273,

Online and Digital Journalism, Social Media, Internet, Web Design, Web Development, Code for Journalism, Interactivity, Online Multimedia, Online Privacy and Security, International Journalism, International Press Freedom, Fulbright Scholar Grants

Mindy McAdams, 3049 Weimer, 352-392-8456,

Reporting, Writing, Editing, History, Literary Journalism

Ron Rodgers, 3058 Weimer, 352-392-8847,

Digital Media, Online Media, Editing, Startups, Entrepreneurialism, Business, Management, Newspapers, Public Media (NPR/PBS), Design

Matt Sheehan, 2303 Weimer, 352-294-1511,

Magazines, Narrative Writing, Sports Media, Health/Fitness, Social Media

Ted Spiker, Chair, 2070 Weimer, 352-392-6990,

Journalism/Media History

Bernell Tripp, 3055 Weimer, 352-392-2147,

Feature Writing, Health Writing, Newspapers

Kim Walsh-Childers, 3044 Weimer, 352-392-3924,

New Technology, Media Effects, Mass Comm Statistics

Frank Waddell, 3067 Weimer, 352-294-1627,

Agenda Setting

Wayne Wanta, 3061 Weimer, 352-392-7594,