CJC Virtual Career Day for Students

The College of Journalism and Communications is fully aware of the challenges many students face to find employment due to COVID-19.  We are here to support you during these unprecedented times by offering employers convenient recruitment options, continuing to give companies full access to the immense talent housed in the CJC.

Our new CJC Virtual Career Day system, allows you as a student to interact with participating employers virtually.  You can create your profile with your availability and submit your resume with additional bodies of work (packets) to the system for an employer to review and download. If an employer schedules an interview with you, they will send you a zoom invite with the date and time of your interview.  We encourage students and employers to use the Zoom platform since all CJC students are equipped with a UF Zoom account.

How it works:

  1. If you have not already done so, pre-register via the Virtual Career Day website here.  Click on “student registration”.  After you pre-register you may access your Virtual Career Day profile.  If you have already pre- registered click on “student sign in”.
  2. After logging in, using your Gatorlink ID, you will see the list of participating employers.
  3. Click on the employer you wish to schedule an interview with.  Please note the dates the employer will be accepting interviews, if they are offering jobs or internships, and the criteria they require. If you do not meet the employer’s criteria preferences, please do not apply.
  4.  Scroll to the bottom of the page.  Click on the “Request an Interview” button.
  5. Click on “Choose File” to select your resume packet in a file folder. Double click on your resume packet name and it will appear next to the “choose file” button.  Click upload.  Your packet should be one file and no larger than 8MB.  Your packet should include your cover letter, resume, and any additional works or clips you would like the employer to review.
  6.  Your packet is uploaded when you see your packet name under the upload button and the words “database updated”.  Once you have completed your upload, you may return to the participating employer list or exit the Virtual Career Day webpage.

Click here to create your profile or see participating employers.