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Preparing UF Students for an Al Enabled Workforce with Quinncia

Preparing UF Students for an Al Enabled Workforce

The UF Career Connections Center (C3) is excited to introduce a new, interactive, artificial intelligence-based platform, Quinncia, to help faculty and staff prepare their students for the Al enabled workforce.

Quinncia is designed to help UF students build a strong resume through industry-based, ATS compliant, instant feedback. The platform also helps students practice storytelling through simulating a virtual interviewing environment and providing recommendations.

Our Al system, Quinn can help with the following:

  • Resume Enhancements: Students can upload a resume for review as many times as they would like on Quinncia! Quinn will analyze the content and formatting of the resume and provide detailed feedback. Students will learn resume writing best practices that will help increase the chances of landing that dream job or internship. Our resume analysis will help draft, finalize, and improve their resume!
  • Tailored Mock Interviews: With Quinncia, students can schedule an unlimited number of mock Al interviews to help prepare for the real thing! Quinn will ask questions tailored to major, industry of choice, and experiences on a student’s resume. Quinncia also analyzes content, micro­-expressions, eye contact, words per minute, level of enthusiasm, and more! Our mock interviews will help your students strengthen their interviewing skills.
  • Personalized Engagement Tools: Quinncia also provides the necessary tools to be successful! Including access to how-to videos, PDFs, and mock interviews that teach everything needed to perform well. There is also unlimited access to our Need Help button containing countless support documents.

To Get Started:

Visit to learn more about the Quinncia platform.

If you are interested in getting started and utilizing the platform with your students, please contact us at

Posted: July 27, 2023
Category: Careers, Student News