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OCCP Launches Career-Centered Video Series

All the career advice you could need in one place! 

The CJC Office of Careers and Corporate Partnerships (OCCP) launched “Industry Edge,” a new video series where leading professionals in the communications industry provide guidance on starting the career search. The best part is, “Industry Edge” was created entirely by students from CJC’s very own: The Agency at UF. 

The OCCP and CJC’s Communications team partnered with The Agency to bring this series to life. The videos were filmed, directed and edited by The Agency team.

Advertising senior Danielle Bass serves as both the account supervisor and producer on this project. 

“Our team has gained real-world experience in content creation, asset development, video production and talent management,” said Bass. “It’s been amazing.” 

In addition to Bass, the team consists of a media coordinator, two researchers, a project manager, three videographers, two copywriters and a graphic designer, all of whom are students. The Agency team worked closely with OCCP Director Julie Frey and with Randy Bennett, Jen Ford, Craig Lee and Alex Marques from CJC Communications.

The Agency team began the process by conducting a focus group to identify common questions students had about their careers. Then, they used those insights to come up with topics for the employers. 

“We worked closely with Julie Frey and the OCCP team to connect with employers who already had ongoing relationships with the CJC,” Bass said. 

The Agency team recorded several upcoming videos while employers were on campus for the Spring Careers in Communications Fair. Other professionals traveled to Gainesville voluntarily to record the videos. 

Bass said the highlight of this series has been working with employers and getting to hear first-hand the advice they had to share.

“My team and I have been lucky to connect with employers one-on-one and gain instant access to their valuable advice when shooting the videos,” she said. “Their insights are something we will all take with us.”

In future videos, CJC students can expect to hear from more employers across a wide range of industries. 

“Be prepared to gain even more tips on how to stand out throughout your career search journey,” Bass said.

The Agency Team

  • Danielle Bass – Account Supervisor and Producer
  • Rayna Van Beuzekom – Videographer 
  • Angel Silva – Videographer 
  • Max Layland – Videographer
  • Haley Burrowes – Copywriter 
  • Tarryn Nichols – Copywriter
  • Joanne Kim – Graphic Designer 
  • Nicole Holdgrafer – Project Manager
  • Milena Chib – Research Strategist 
  • Taylor Jordan – Research Strategist 
  • Sera Person – Media Coordinator

Check out the series on the OCCP website or on YouTube to get all your career questions answered!  

Posted: April 8, 2022
Category: Careers, Student News