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Library West Finals Support Website

Library West has launched an updated version of their finals support website, which you can find here. On the site you’ll find:

  • Study Playlists
  • Virtual Postcards
  • Photos of our Lib West puppy mascot Albie
  • Lib West background study videos
  • Downloadable Study Planning Sheets
  • Downloadable Stress Relief Craft Activities
  • Library Research Support
  • Links to campus resources such as UF Psychology’s Guided Meditation Videos

Also, some links not on the website, but still helpful:

A Library West “Study with Me” YouTube video created by a student

With Music:

Without Music:

This website has all kinds of relaxing/amusing live cams from around the world if you want cute animals to stream in the background:

And for those of you that plan on coming by Library West this week and next you can expect to find:

  • Study care corner (free study supplies and activity sheets)
  • Motivation wall – feel free to leave a positive message
  •  Lib West Postcards that we’ll stamp and mail
  • Beau the Therapy Dog 🐶, Tuesday, Dec. 7, 4-5 PM
  • T-shirt giveaway

Posted: December 8, 2021
Category: Student News