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Apply Now: CAIRES Active Learning Program Internships and Research

Are you an undergraduate looking for an internship or research position in the Spring 2022 semester and interested in developing your personal-professional skillsets? The Active Learning Program (ALP) is a 1-semester internship and research program that connects eager, well-trained undergraduate students with UF faculty and community mentors engaged in internship and research projects.

Interested students apply to be enrolled in the 3-credit Active Learning Program IDS4940 course where they earn valuable, mentored internship/research experience; develop their personal-professional strengths, values, mission, and brand; build their professional and interpersonal skillsets in collaboration, communication, and conflict management; learn to professionally analyze the complex problems facing our world; and create professional deliverables to be used in their internships and as an early career professional.

You can learn more about the ALP and apply through our application:

And view our internship and research opportunities:

Posted: November 29, 2021
Category: Student News