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Sharing Experiences: Kelly Wilson

From December 2007 until June 2009, the U.S. was in the middle of what came to be known as The Great Recession, the most severe economic recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s. We asked CJC alumni who graduated in the midst of the Great Recession to share their experience during that time and how they managed to thrive as the economy got back on its feet.

Kelly (Andrews) Wilson, B.S. Telecommunication – Management and Operations 2006

Voice Actor/Owner, Kelly Wilson VO

Kelly Wilson

I toured Weimer Hall, walked into WRUF-FM, then 103.7, Rock 104 and I knew I would be a DJ on that station. That is what I did. Actually, I worked at every radio and TV station in Weimer Hall, soaking up as much experience as I could. I knew that when I graduated, the degree would help, but the knowledge, experience, and networking would set me apart.

December 2006, I graduated one year before the Great Recession hit. However, getting a job was already very difficult. I worked multiple jobs to gain experience and pay the bills. I was part time at WQYK-FM in St. Petersburg, Florida. I worked full time at an on-hold messaging company in Largo, Florida. I pursued voice over on the side and I was a fill-in TV traffic reporter on the NBC affiliate in Tampa.

In 2009, I was offered a job as a Program Director at a classic rock station in a tiny town called Twin Falls, Idaho. I Google Earthed the place and moved there. Townsquare Media was the company and they expected more than just a radio DJ. They expected a live show integrated into social media, a YouTube Channel, blogging and video editing. Technology was changing, it was fast paced, it was difficult, it was fun.

Kelly WilsonIn 2014, my first son was born and I began to pursue voice-over as a legitimate career. Again, it was hard. Again, I needed to re-learn the technology, the sales, the marketing, and how to act. Again, I was up for the challenge.

2020, Global Pandemic. Now I’m a full-time voice actor and run my own business, but adding two kids and homeschooling into the mix. Again, adapting. Again, learning new things, like how to teach and motivate a six year old. All things I never knew I could do, being challenged, I am stepping up and doing it.

I am a Florida Gator. We don’t back down. We step up to challenges. We work together to get it done. We change the world. It’s not always easy, but it is worth it.

Good luck and Go Gators!

Posted: May 28, 2020
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