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Defining Moments: Jerry Ketcham, B.S. Broadcasting 1976

Jerry Ketcham

It all started when he picked up a film camera for a class assignment. This simple task sparked the defining moment that would set the tone for Jerry Ketcham’s successful film career.

“I was able to write, direct and edit my little film. When it was completed, I projected it on a sheet for my friends,” Ketcham said. “They laughed really hard and I was hooked.”

He credits former CJC Journalism Professor Don Grooms with providing the background, training and inspiration to embark on a journey into the movie business. He began as a location scout for television and, with the help of actor Burt Reynolds, became a member of the Directors Guild of America. Ketcham continued to move up the career ladder, first as second assistant director, then first assistant director followed by unit production manager. His success landed him a management position at Disney where he now he is senior vice president of Feature Production in Los Angeles.

His tenure at Disney spans 25 years overseeing more than 120 feature films for television and theater. His credits include “Wrinkle in Time” (2018), “Beauty and the Beast” (2017), “Pirates of the Caribbean” (2003-17), and “Wild Hogs” (2007).

“If I was asked ‘what was my favorite time of life?’ I would say the years I spent at UF. I found my professional calling and being part of the College of Journalism and Communications will always be one of the top three things that I have done in my life,” said Ketcham.


Posted: February 28, 2018
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