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Yulia Stekalova Receives CTSI Pilot Program Award

Yulia Stekalova
Yulia Stekalova

Yulia Stekalova, University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications research assistant professor and director of Grants Development, has received a $15,000 UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute Translational Pilot Program Phase 1 award.

Strekalova received funding for the project “Stakeholder Engagement and Patient Centered Communication in Leukemia Genetic Research,” a collaborative effort with the UF College of Medicine leukemia research team.

The Pilot Program provides up to $50,000 for projects with “learning health system” approaches that emphasize engagement of clinicians and integration of translational research into the clinical environment.

Strekalova’s research examines how health-related knowledge is shared, translated, and managed by lay consumers and healthcare professionals. She focuses on the effects of communication and information behaviors on informed decision making, health self- management, and patient-reported and clinical outcomes.

Posted: April 11, 2017
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