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Dean McFarlin Pens MediaShift Opinion Piece on Journalism in a Chaotic World

Dean Diane McFarlin
Dean Diane McFarlin

University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications Dean Diane McFarlin’s opinion piece “Take ‘Journalism’ Out of Our School’s Name? No. Double Down on Journalism in a Chaotic World” was published in MediaShift on March 15.

In the piece McFarlin writes “as if the economic challenges of the last decade weren’t enough, focuses on the profession of journalism and how it is being buffeted by a storm of distrust and discredit. Some would argue that the demonization of media is a cynical tool of manipulation. Others would say it’s high time that the press is held accountable for years of bias and distortion. The only reasonable response is to continue to produce bona fide, fact-based journalism, because in the natural order of things the truth usually prevails.”

Posted: March 15, 2017
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