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Final day of frank

After spending three days in Gainesville, it was time for the franksters to head home.

frank 2015 ended Friday afternoon following two more sessions of speakers and a closing ceremony, where attendees watched a recap video that compiled images from the week’s events.

As a gathering for a community of public interest communicators dedicated to using strategic communications to drive change, frank is a fairly new event. This was it’s second year – frank: amplified.

Bobby Jones, vice president at Octagon Access, said that was a part of the beginning stages, when frank was just an idea. He said he was interested in being involved because he believes in communicating for the greater good.

From year one to year two, Jones said he has seen frank grow in terms of diversity and that there was a greater range of perspectives this year. He said he feels it’s important to continue the growth and figure out a way to keep the conversations going throughout the year.

Coming from the Knight Foundation, a non-profit foundation, Robertson Adams said coming to frank gave him a new perspective. He said that he was able to see how the different organizations actually utilize communications and tactics to get messages to their audiences.

Mallary Tenore, the managing director of Images & Voices of Hope, said that coming from a small non-profit, it was nice to be able to speak with other organizations to see what kinds of ideas work.

Many people said that the overall format of frank was refreshing.

Lisa Colton, the chief learning officer from See 3 Communications, said that any assumption she had for what a conference was like was challenged. She finds frank to be playful, entertaining, yet stimulating.

Meanwhile, Adams said he found the innovative format to be conducive to having a personal experience.

“It feels more like a comedy club than any kind of seminar that I’ve been to.”

Posted: March 9, 2015
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