Summer Journalism Institute

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2014 Application:

Please fill out our application for the 2014 Summer Journalism Institute by May 1. Acceptance notification will be sent via email to students and parents within a week of receiving your application. We currently have about 25 spots open for the camp so please apply as soon as possible.

2014 Application Link

About the Camp:

The Summer Journalism Institute is a weeklong camp at the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications. At the camp, students will be immersed into our Innovation News Center where they will be working with our professors and students on news stories and broadcasting on our multiple television and radio stations and

They will work side by side with our student journalists preparing news for NPR, PBS and ESPN radio.

The camp is broken up into three main sections, newsroom classes (mornings), keynote speakers (lunchtime) and elective classes (afternoons).

Each morning they will meet with their news teams led by UF professors, graduate students and alumni to learn how we cover stories on various platforms and then decide the stories they will work on for the day. They will then hear from some of the best journalists in the industry from the likes of CBS, People Magazine, Tampa Bay Times and from our professors at the college each day during our keynotes. After lunch, they will head back into the college for a variety of elective classes ranging from writing to broadcasting to mobile/tablet development.

Each year we try to improve our camp and we feel that our new schedule is the best way to expose the next generation of great storytellers to some of the best professors and professionals in journalism.

Who Should Attend:

  • Incoming sophomores through seniors in high school
  • Students with a passion for storytelling
  • Newspaper and yearbook staffs (not required to be in either)

2014 Application:

The application for the 2014 camp will be live on this page on Friday, Feb. 14.

Once you have completed the application you will receive a letter of acceptance via email by April 15. You will then have register for the camp by May 1. The registration will be where your student can sign up for elective classes, request a roommate for the dorms, review our behavioral contract and where parents will fill out medical information, travel information and pay for the camp.

2014 Details:

  • Dates: June 21-27
  • Housing will be on campus from Saturday night through Thursday afternoon.
  • The workshop costs will include all instruction, housing and meals. (Payment will be online by credit card)
  • Cost: $695

What’s new for 2014?

  • Smaller classes
  • More UF professors teaching more classes
  • Ability to sign up for multiple elective courses
  • Longer camp (7 days, 6 nights)

Class Information

News Teams: Each class of 20-30 students will be broken up into news teams. These teams will have students with a diverse skill set. Your editor will be your instructor for the week. You’ll cover a variety of topics to be published at the end of camp.


Storytelling: From crafting the right lead to combining the basics of audio and photography, this class will tackle a variety of storytelling and newsgathering methods. Students will examine news and feature writing; learn how to use social media tools; and produce textual-based and include multimedia elements in their news stories. Students will contribute to a class blog and leave with clips of their hands-on storytelling experience.

Editing: The SJI newspaper editors class is tailored to the needs of student journalists who are the leaders of their respective publications. Subjects covered include copy editing, page design, editorial writing, journalism law, ethical decision-making, advertising, team-building and leadership skills. Students also have opportunities to exchange publications and share best practices. As well, on-site publication critiques are available.

Design: The design class will cover basic design principles, inspiration, resources and practical applications. Students will learn helpful tricks and techniques in both InDesign and Photoshop to help elevate their publications and will create a sample yearbook or newspaper spread as their final project. We will also discuss best practices for photos and design, color theory, font usage and the process of turning ideas into finished products. A basic knowledge of InDesign and Photoshop is preferred, but fast learners are also welcome.

Photography: In this class, we’ll go over the basics of how to tell a story through images. You’ll use DSLR cameras provided by the college to shoot, edit and caption your own story from SJI. Students will leave with photos to add to their portfolios and learn how to get their foot in the door to become a news and feature photographer.

Multimedia: How do we tell stories to the next generation of news consumers? We’ll go over the newest multimedia storytelling techniques in this class to teach you how to shoot and edit video. We’ll also dig deep into social media practices in journalism and show you how to use it to reach an even bigger audience.

Web Design: Learn how to improve the look and usability of your website. We’ll teach you advanced WordPress techniques, CSS and HTML5 coding and work with you and your school’s publication to take full advantage of the web.

It’s our pleasure to offer this workshop once a year. It gives us a chance to get to know the best and brightest young journalists and show you around our state-of-the-art journalism and communications building.

Contact Us

The best way to contact the Institute is via e-mail to the Director at


After you have been accepted, you will receive notification by e-mail and mail of your acceptance.

We hope to see you on campus this summer.