Yulia Strekalova, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor and Director Grants Development

Office: Weimer Hall - 2016 Phone: (352) 846-2399 Email:


Yulia A. Strekalova, Ph.D., M.B.A., is Research Assistant Professor of Mass Communication in the College of Journalism and Communications. Her research examines how health-related knowledge is shared, translated, and managed by lay consumers and healthcare professionals. She is particularly interested in the effects of communication and information behaviors (including information seeking, avoidance, and sharing) on informed decision making, health (self-)management, and patient-reported and clinical outcomes. Dr. Strekalova’s research has been published, among others, in Health Education and BehaviorScience CommunicationQualitative Health ResearchJournal of Cancer Education, Journal of Communication in Healthcare, and, most recently, in Journal of National Cancer Institute. As a PI, she has recently completed a funded project that developed and evaluated a prototype of an interactive online application for information about clinical research. She currently leads a project that looks at collaborative online deliberation of information about heart disease and stroke prevention, and, as a co-PI, she works on a project that assesses the use of pharmacogenomics testing in adolescent psychiatry.

Dr. Strekalova is also Grants Development Director in the College. In this capacity, she promotes research conducted by the College faculty, advises on proposal development strategies, and oversees submissions of research and outreach grant proposals.  She has developed and taught a grant writing course for Ph.D. students, which has resulted in submitted proposals and awards.


M.B.A. – University of Florida
Ph.D. – University of Florida




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Dr. Strekalova’s current active projects are listed below, and she invites interested Master’s and Ph.D. students to contact her if they’re interested in joining research teams for any of these projects.

  • Decision support for the use of preoperative anesthesia medication
  • Collaborative online deliberation and health self-management strategies among patients at risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Dissemination and communication strategies for precision medicine information


Research keywords: patient-centered communication, collaborative decision-making, informed choice, patient-reported outcomes, dissemination science, feasibility and needs assessment

Research areas:

  • Health and Science Communication
  • Strategic Communication
  • Dissemination and Implementation Research