STEM Translational Communication Center Goes International

The STEM Translational Communication Center (STCC) has formed an exciting new collaboration with a non-governmental organization from Dhaka, Bangladesh as part of the STCC’s commitment to serving diverse and global societies. The STCC now has a cooperative agreement with the Amader Gram Cancer Care and Research Center to promote translational communication research and dissemination in Bangladesh. As part of these efforts, STCC will help establish a STCC in Bangladesh based initially in Dhaka with a satellite site in the Rampal region. The STCC will also consult on the development of a national policy on cancer communication on Bangladesh, contribute to the development and evaluation of cancer prevention interventions in Bangladesh, and develop international training and exchange opportunities for students and faculty.

Faculty and students with an interest in participating in this unique effort are encouraged to contact Janice Krieger (

More about Amader Gram and Bangladesh

Amader Gram Cancer Care and Research Center is a community-driven initiative that provides accessible and affordable cancer care to village populations. The burden of cancer weighs heavy in lesser-developed countries like Bangladesh with an estimated 80% dying soon within diagnoses. Rural villages, isolated from healthcare services in the city, suffer disproportionately. With an overall goal of delivering clinical services and establishing the infrastructure to sustain an oncology outpatient facility, Amader Gram has pioneered four breast cancer centers to improve the quality of life for women in these villages. Within the last four years, over 6000 women have been seen by their team of locally-trained community health workers.

Posted: October 20, 2017
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