Faculty and Staff

Elizabeth Flood-Grady, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor, STEM Translational Communication Center
Manager, Clinical Translational Science Institute Recruitment Center

Office: Weimer Hall - 2042 Phone: 352-392-3115 Email:


Dr. Elizabeth Flood-Grady (Ph.D., University of Nebraska-Lincoln) is an interdisciplinary, mixed-methods, translational communication scientist. Her primary research goal is to improve communication in clinical, online, and family decision-making contexts. She is an expert in strategic messaging in clinical research participation and recruitment contexts and how family and health communication about stigmatized illnesses influence decision-making. Dr. Flood-Grady has received grant funding to support her research and published in several interdisciplinary journals, including Health Communication, Journal of Clinical and Translational Science, and Chronic Illness. As a Postdoctoral Associate, she works jointly in the STEM Translational Communication Center in College of Journalism and Communications and the Clinical Translational Science Institute.



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