"This is Our Time"

Dean's Gala Welcome Message

Welcome to the College of Journalism and Communications 50th Anniversary Gala. We are honored that you have joined us for this momentous occasion.

As the current dean and an alumna, I feel very fortunate to be part of the College at this time in our history. I am grateful to those leaders who came before me – Deans Rae O. Weimer, John Paul Jones, Jr., Ralph Lowenstein, Terry Hynes and John Wright – and to the extraordinary faculty and staff, students, friends and alumni who have shaped this amazing institution.

Our 50th Anniversary is as much an opportunity to revel in the days ahead as it is to celebrate the past. Our future is exceedingly bright — not in spite of the dizzying pace of change in our fields, but because of it.

In 1968, when the doors of the newly minted College first opened, no one could have imagined what the fields of advertising, journalism, public relations and telecommunication would look like today. We are living in a media world light years from the one that existed 50 years ago.

Many things remain constant, though: A dedication to truth and integrity. A spirit of curiosity and invention. An embrace of professional skills development alongside academics. A commitment to making a difference in our community, in Florida and around the world.

These values and guiding principles remain critically important as we endeavor to be a leader in innovation and an exemplar of scholarship and education.

With your help and support, the College of Journalism and Communications can shine as the premier communication program in the country.

This is our goal.

This our time.