How Alex Works

Overview of Intervention

Our application uses demographically matched virtual humans (named ALEX) to educate low to moderate risk patients about their colorectal cancer (CRC) risk and encourage them to engage in preventive screening. The intervention addresses all modalities of screening, with a particular focus on the ease and affordability of
fecal immunochemical testing (FIT).  ​


Project Potential

Although we first launched ALEX in Florida, in time we hope it offers people in other states and around the world access to time saving, cost saving, and friendly testing. Colorectal cancer is not the only cancer that afflicts people. Ultimately, our goal is to have virtual health assistants help patients who have different cancer types improve their decision making abilities in preventive healthcare.​

Key Steps in the Process

Participants of the intervention will be patients who are out of guidelines for CRC screening.

Step1: Meet with ALEX, your personal virtual health assistant and get to know colorectal cancer.

Step 2: Answer health related questions.

Step 3: Watch a video introducing CRC screening and relevant tests.

Step 4: Complete the intervention.

Step 5: Request a CRC screening kit.

Step 6: Health care provider approves a CRC screening kit.

Step 7: Study-related CRC screening kit is mailed to you.

Lots of people think that a colonoscopy is the only option for colorectal cancer screening, but patients with low to moderate risk are able to select less invasive screening methods. The FIT at-home screening test may be an option for you.