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The University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications has exciting news: The 2021 Summer Media Institute (SMI) will be virtual and on demand from July 8 to Aug. 31. Click here for all the details.


SMI is a monthlong workshop in which high school students are immersed in journalism and communications.


Join one of several interactive specializations led by UF and SMI instructors. Learn more about the rapidly changing media environment – and one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive journalism and communications programs. Students with a passion and talent for storytelling and communication are especially invited.


We will also offer live virtual panels featuring industry stalwarts and influencers focusing on broad and important topics such as leadership, diversity and the future of journalism and communications. Other sessions will include college admission and financial aid experts discussing how to get into and afford the university of your choice – and SMI alumni who are current students at UF sharing what it’s really like to be a college student.


Want to hear from SMI alumni? Visit our testimonials page.


Interested in podcasting? The University of Florida Summer Media Institute and WUFT News are working together to promote NPR’s national high school podcast competition. Get all of the details here.


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Alumni Testimonials: Are you or your parent(s) a CJC alumnus who attended the Summer Media Institute prior to 2020? If so, we want to hear from you/them. Want to help inspire a future Gator to register for this once in a lifetime experience? Please contact us at cjcalumni@jou.ufl.edu.

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    Professor Barnett provided SMI '21 students with the fundamentals of environmental storytelling in our fourth general session yesterday.

    Be sure to find the recording in our on-demand content library!

    SMI students got the scoop on college admissions @UF last night. Did you miss the live session? Find the recording in our on-demand content library at any time!

    Professor Basu @TheMoniBasu inspired SMI students this morning with tips for writing a stand-out college admissions essay.

    What will you write your essay on? 💭


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