Studies and Projects

Stakeholder Engagement and Patient Centered Communication in Leukemia Genetic Research

The primary goal of this pilot project is to identify stakeholders and assess appropriate communication strategies to promote discussions about g test results among patients and providers to support shared understanding and collaborative decision-making.

Integrating Pharmacogenomic Testing into a Child Psychiatry Clinic

This project aims to assess the feasibility of implementing pharmacogenomic testing (PGX) for specific genes involved in the metabolism of antidepressants into a child psychiatry clinic. Data include interviews with clinicians and faculty.

Communication Strategies in Preoperative Anesthesia Care

The goal of this project is to assess provider-identified communication strategies related to the decision to use amnestic medications (benzodiazepines) pre-operatively

Empathic Communication in Nurse Training Using Virtual Patients

For this project, we’ve collaborated with Shadow Health Inc., a software company that develops training programs for health care professionals. Using the data from a nursing education course, we assess the use of communication strategies in situations that call for the expression of empathy.