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Dave McLean


Office: G029 Weimer Email:


Hometown: Tunica, Mississippi

Dave McLean is a Ph.D. student studying the psychology of video games and online interactions. He received his masters in Communication at Virginia Tech University. Dave is originally from Tunica Mississippi and received a Bachelors of Science in psychology from Mississippi State University. Dave’s current research interests include examining how video games can be used for social good. He is also interested in how people interact with each other in online video games and how people are affected by violent media.


Master of Arts, Communication- Virginia Tech
Bachelor of Science, Psychology- Mississippi State University


Doctoral Advisor: Dr. Sri Kalyanaraman – Penn State University
Master’s Advisor: Dr. James D. Ivory- Virginia Tech

Media effects. Video games as tools for social good, Online interactions in online video games.


Media Psychology, Communication Research, media effects

Course:Television and American Society