Graduate Student Directory

Aantaki Raisa

Science/Health Communication

Office: Weimer 2020, Weimer G035 Email: Twitter: @aantakiraisa


Master’s, Media Arts and Studies – Ohio University
Bachelor’s, Electronics and Telecommunication – North South University Bangladesh


Master’s Advisor: Dr. Janice Krieger

I am a science and technology lover and I am interested in communicating science to the mass people in the most effective way for the development of our species. Being an international student, I am also interested in intercultural and cross-cultural communication specifically for health-related communication strategies. I aspire to become a successful health and science communication strategist, working all over the world, especially in developing countries.


I taught the RTV 2100 lab this semester and I enjoyed teaching undergrads about television production and writing. But I think I would be more interested in teaching things relevant to science communication and cross-cultural health communication and intercultural research.