Research and Insights

CJC at Broadcast Education Association and NAB Conventions 2018

April 7-12, 2018
Las Vegas

Broadcast Education Association Conference

Dania Alexandrino, Spanish News Manager, Innovation News Center

Panel: The Hispanic Media Exchange: An Inclusive Network of Universities Sharing Television News Reports Across the Americas

Abstract:  Globalization and the changing demographics of the Americas demand groundbreaking approaches to content creation and distribution among universities with broadcast journalism programs. The Hispanic Media Exchange (HME) addresses these needs by developing a digital and educational infrastructure facilitating content-sharing partnerships among university television newscasts. The panel of HME member universities will discuss the challenges and benefits of this unique television network.

Eric Esterline, associate director of Sports Journalism and Communications – Department of Telecommunication

Panel: Careers in Sports: If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going, Most Any Route Will Get You There

Abstract: Many students who profess an interest in sports career don’t seem to care much about where that first job takes them or what they might actually do. They just want to work in sports. How do you advise a student that’s pretty much willing to do anything to get a foot in the door?

​Panel: Majors or Tracks: Sports Media Courses in the Curriculum

Abstract: There is no one size fits all model for meeting the needs of students with an interest in a career in sports media. This panel explores the breadth of options for offering courses with a sports focus. Panelists represent large, medium and small schools. Each of the panelists has experience with shaping their sports curriculum and teaching those courses at their institution. Some of the panelists are at schools with Sports Media majors, while others are at institutions that are offering sports courses as part of majors in Journalism and Telecommunication. Panelists will offer suggestions about how their sports focused courses developed and future plans for these courses in the curriculum.