Ph.D. Program

Mediated Mediated

Mediated Communication and Emerging Technology

Examine how messages flow to large and small audiences, with an emphasis on how communication technologies influence the formation, transmission and reception of messages.

Distinguished Faculty Include:

  • James Babanikos, associate professor, Department of Telecommunication
  • Sylvia Chan-Olmsted, professor, Department of Telecommunication
  • Huan Chen, assistant professor, Department of Advertising
  • Amy Jo Coffey, associate professor, Department of Telecommunication
  • Sri Kalyanaraman, director, Media Affects and Technology Lab
  • Eunice Kim, assistant professor, Department of Advertising
  • Yu-Hao Lee, assistant professor, Department of Telecommunication
  • Norman Lewis, associate professor, Department of Journalism
  • Jon Morris, professor, Department of Advertising
  • Cynthia Morton, associate professor, Department of Advertising
  • Lu Zheng, assistant professor, Department of Advertising

Examples of Recent Publications

  • Karimipour, N.* (in press). Suicide on the Sidelines: Media Portrayals of NFL Players’ Suicides from June 2000 to September 2012. Journal of Sports Media.
  • Morris, J. & Shen, F.* (in press). Advertising Decoding Neural Responses to Emotion in Television Commercials: An Integrative Study of Self-Reporting and fMRI Measures. Journal of Advertising Research.
  • Schmittel, A.*, & Hull, K. (2015). ” Shit Got Cray Cray# MYBAD”: An Examination of the Image-Repair Discourse of Richie Incognito During the Miami Dolphins’ Bullying Scandal. Journal of Sports Media10(2), 115-137.
  • Wojdynski, B. W., & Kalyanaraman, S. (2015). The three dimensions of website navigability: Explication and effects. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology.

*Current or former Ph.D. student