Ph.D. Program

Health and Science Health and Science

Examine public awareness, interest, understanding, confidence, and willingness to engage with information on health and science topics in mediated as well as interpersonal and organizational contexts.

Distinguished Faculty Include:

  • Mary Ann Ferguson, professor, Department of Public Relations
  • J. Robyn Goodman, associate professor, Department of Advertising
  • Sri Kalyanaraman, director, Media Affects and Technology Lab
  • Janice Krieger, director, STEM Translational Communication Research Program
  • Moon Lee, associate professor, Department of Public Relations
  • Yu-Hao Lee, assistant professor, Department of Telecommunication
  • Cynthia Morton, associate professor, Department of Advertising
  • Jon Morris, professor, Department of Advertising
  • Debbie Treise, senior associate dean, Graduate Studies and Research Division
  • Kim Walsh-Childers, professor, Department of Journalism
  • Mike Weigold, associate dean, Undergraduate Affairs

Examples of Recent Publications

  • Krieger, J. L. (2014). Last Resort or roll of the die? Exploring the role of metaphors in cancer clinical trials education among medically underserved populations. Journal of Health Communication, 19(10), 1161-1177.
  • Park, S. Y., & Morton, C. R. (2015). The Role of Regulatory Focus, Social Distance, and Involvement in Anti-High-Risk Drinking Advertising: A Construal-Level Theory Perspective. Journal of Advertising, (ahead-of-print), 1-11.
  • Strekalova, Y. A.*, & Krieger, J. L. (2015). A Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words: Public Engagement with the National Cancer Institute on Social Media. Journal of Cancer Education, 1-3.
  • Treise, D., Weigold, M. F., Birnbrauer, K., & Schain, D. (2015). The best of intentions: patients’ intentions to request health care workers cleanse hands before examinations. Health Communication, 1-9.

*Ph.D. student