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YearOrganization NameAward RecipientHonorCategoryEntry Title  
2017SPJ Green Eyeshade AwardsMichael Stone1stPrint: MagazinesThe Last of World War II in Senior Times
2017SPJ Green Eyeshade AwardsMichael Stone1stMagazine Feature WritingThe Last of World War II published in Senior Times
2017Edward R. Murrow Regional AwardsWUFT-FM1stRegion 13 Best WebsiteWUFT.org
2017Edward R. Murrow Regional AwardsWUFT-FM1stRegion 13 News SeriesFood Deserts
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingBriana Erickson1stHard News FeatureTragedy of Heroin Use
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingDanielle Frew1stLong Format Breaking NewsPulse Nightclub Live Report
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingDarling Hill1stElection CoverageElection 2016
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingMaggie Lorenz1stReporter
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingMaggie Lorenz1stGeneral Assignment3 Days After Matthew
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingRebekkah Mar1stIndividual Breaking NewsPulse Vigil
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingNestor Montoya1stMultimedia Reporter
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingNestor Montoya1stIndividual Breaking NewsPulse
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingBen Murphy1stBreaking Sports NewsUF Finds Next AD
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingDanielle Prinz1stSeries/Franchise ReportingHealth & Medical Reporting
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingDanielle Prinz1stUse of Sound for RadioFood Deserts
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingDanielle Prinz1stInvestigativeThe Flood Insurance Mess
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingRyan Roberts, Kady Marlowe, James Fertil1stContinuing CoveragePulse...the Gainesville Response
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingMarie Edinger1stGeneral Assignment/Long FormatBackyard Beekeepers
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingWUFT-TV1stOverall/Station of the Year
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingWUFT-TV Student Staff1stStation Breaking NewsHurricane Matthew Special Report
2017Florida AP College BroadcastingRyan Roberts2ndFeature/Cultural HistoricalThe First Cedar Key
2017Florida AP Professional BroadcastingBriana Erickson1stRadio InvestigativeA Life of Heroin
2017Florida AP Professional BroadcastingRyan Roberts1stRadio Weather ReportingHermine Hits Cedar Key
2017Florida AP Professional BroadcastingWUFT-FM1stOverall/Station of the YearWUFT-FM
2017Florida AP Professional BroadcastingWUFT-FM News Team1stWebsite/Digitalwuft.org
2017Florida AP Professional BroadcastingWUFT-FM1stRadio Series/Franchise ReportingFood Desert Problem in North Florida
2017Florida AP Professional BroadcastingWUFT-FM1stBreaking News16-Year-Old Robert Dentmond Shot and Killed
2017Florida AP Professional BroadcastingAmuary Sablon, Caitie Switalski2ndRadio General AssignmentHaiti Devastated
2017Florida AP Professional BroadcastingAlexa Lorenzo, Chase Drayer2ndRadio Long Format Breaking NewsSuperintendent Resigns
2017SPJ Professional Sunshine State AwardsRebekkah MarFinalistRadio Investigative ReportingEastside-Westside Clinics
2017SPJ Professional Sunshine State AwardsWUFT.orgFinalistJames Batten Award for Public ServiceProject Blue Ether
2017SPJ Sunshine State AwardsEthan BauerFinalistBest ProfileA Sister's Bond
2017SPJ Sunshine State AwardsEthan BauerFinalistBest ProfileThe Road Less Traveled, Garcia Finds a Home
2017SPJ Professional Sunshine State AwardsDrea CornejoFinalistOnline PackageFamily Ashes in Pipeline's Path
2017SPJ Sunshine State AwardsDrea CornejoFinalistCollege Journalist of the YearMultimedia Portfolio
2017SPJ Sunshine State AwardsBriana EricksonFinalistCollege Journalist of the YearWriting Portfolio
2017SPJ Sunshine State AwardsAssoc. Prof. John Freeman's ClassFinalistBest Coverage of Race and MinoritiesThe Ties that Bind - Maintaining Black Culture in Florida
2017SPJ Sunshine State AwardsChris TotzkeFinalistBest VideoIn Rural Union County, Web Designer Finds New Life as a Free-Range Farmer
2017SPJ Professional Sunshine State AwardsClara Garcia/Krystallie PinillaFinalistMejor Trajajo Estudianti (All Media)Noticias WUFT: June 18, 2016
2017SPJ Professional Sunshine State AwardsWUFT-FM News TeamFinalistPublic AffairsPulse Nightclub Special Report
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceEthan BauerWinnerSports Column Writing
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceEthan BauerWinnerSports Column WritingBauer column
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceEthan BauerWinnerSports Writing (Large)A Sister's Bond
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceAndrea CornejoWinnerBreaking News Photography (Large)Satchel's Goes Up in Flames
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceMarie EdingerWinnerTelevision General News ReportingBackyard Beekeepers
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceBriana EricksonWinnerBreaking News Reporting (Large)Jury Finds Drug Dealer Guilty in Sale of Fentanyl
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceBriana EricksonWinnerGeneral News Reporting (Large)Delray police combat rising drug overdoses
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceCharlie JordanWinnerRadio In-Depth ReportingSoutheastern Conference Roundup
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceIndependent Florida AlligatorWinnerBest All-Around Daily Student NewspaperThe Independent Florida Alligator
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceAshley LombardoWinnerNon-Fiction Magazine ArticleDivorce from the Streets
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceOrange & BlueWinnerBest Student MagazineOrange & Blue
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceN. Montoya, R. Roberts, K.Marlowe, R. Mar, WUFT News Student StaffWinnerTelevision Breaking News ReportingPulse
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceLuke SullivanWinnerBest All-Around Radio NewscastTransgender Challenges
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceLuke SullivanWinnerRadio In-Depth ReportingTransgender Challenges
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceCaitlin SwitalskiWinnerRadio News ReportingUS Senate Hopeful Pam Keith
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceEthan BauerFinalistSports Writing (Large)The Road Less Traveled
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceIan CohenFinalistSports Column WritingCohen columns
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceDylan DixonFinalistSports Writing (Large)Reinvented
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceBriana EricksonFinalistOnline Feature ReportingThe Low of Highs
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceBriana EricksonFinalistOnline News ReportingHealthcare Divide
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceMelissa GomezFinalistIn-Depth Reporting (Large)The Struggle Within: A Counseling Center's battle
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceSara GirardFinalistRadio News ReportingHoggetowne Medieval Faire Increases Security
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceMelissa GomezFinalistIn-Depth Reporting (Large)The Struggle Within: A Counseling Center's Battle
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceJordan McPhersonFinalistSports Photography (Large)Butler, Christinaki
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceK. Newberg, M.Donovan, M, Vassolo, M. Gomez, E. CochraneFinalistIn-Depth Reporting (Large)Through Their Eyes
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceRebekkah MarFinalistRadio FeatureEastside-Westside Clinics
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceDanielle PrinzFinalistTelevision In-Depth ReportingThe Flood Insurance Mess
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceRyan RobertsFinalistTelevision Feature ReportingThe Drone Man
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceWUFT StaffFinalistOnline/Best Affiliated WebsiteWUFT Website
2017SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceCaitlin SwitalskiFinalistBest All-Around Radio NewscastWLRN News with Caitie Switalski
2017Broadcast Educator's AssociationGinger Blackstone1stHarwood Outstanding DissertationThe Worst of Times: Power and Fear in TV News
2017National Broadcasting SocietyAlexa Lorenzo1st - TIEAudio News PackageSuperintendent Controversy
2017National Broadcasting SocietyRyan Roberts1stVideo News PackageHermine Preparation in Cedar Key
2017National Broadcasting SocietyRyan Roberts1stVideo Feature PackageThe Original Cedar Key
2017National Broadcasting SocietyR. Roberts, J. Kramer, D. Frew1stVideo Newscast (Live)Hurricane Matthew Special Report
2017National Broadcasting SocietyDi Xin1stShort FilmLost in Love
2017National Broadcasting SocietyCaitie Switalski, Amaury Sablon1stAudio NewscastCaitie Switalski Newscast
2017National Broadcasting SocietyUF Chapter1stMost Motivated
2017National Broadcasting SocietyUF ChapterCommunity Service
2017College Television Emmy AwardsDani Hurtado, Ryan RobertsWinnerNewscastSept. 2, 2016 WUFT News First at 5
2017College Television Emmy AwardsDanielle FrewNomineeVariety2016 UF Homecoming Parade Pre-Show
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsMaggie Lorenz1st: National
Television News
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsCaitie Switakski3rd: NationalRadio
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsDrea Cornejo4th National
Best Photo Story of the Year
Multimedia Reporting
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsCaitie Switalski1st: National FinalistRadioSteinhatchee Hurricane Hermine Feature
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsDrea Cornejo1st: National FinalistMultimedia Reporting
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsMaggie Lorenzo4th: National FinalistTelevision News
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsDrea CornejoFinalist: 6thPicture StoryFrom Homelessness to Motherhood
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsDrea CornejoFinalist: 8thPhoto News and Features
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsAlexa LorenzoFinalist: 8thRadioFive Year Old Battles Rare Disorder
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsAlex MaminakisFinalist: 10thSports Writing
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsDanielle PrinzFinalist: 11thTelevision FeaturesThree Medical Features
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsBriana EricksonFinalist: 12thEnterprise ReportingHealthcare Divide: East Gainesville Struggle
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsAshley LombardoFinalist: 11thFeature WritingGainesville Sex Trafficking
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsDrea CornejoFinalist: 13thMultimedia NewsLightnin' Salvage Lives On
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsTamara DobryFinalist: 13th TieMultimedia III News
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsGrace KingFinalist: 14thMultimedia NewsOn the Trail
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsSpecial Topics Hearst #Winning ClassFinalist: 15thMultimedia TeamThe Invisible Disease: PTSD
2017Hearst Journalism AwardsSpecial Topics Hearst #Winning Class19thMultimedia TeamCulture in Crisis/Gentrification in Gainesville
2016Television Academy FoundationKelbin Ramirez, Tanai MilgramFinalistSeries UnscriptedOutintheVille
2016SPJ Sunshine State AwardsMegan Bell1stBest News Story: High FrequencyPaynes Prarie at Dusk
2016SPJ Sunshine State AwardsJordan McPherson1stBest Sports Story: High FrequencyDespite SEC Title Game Loss, McElwain Shines
2016SPJ Sunshine State AwardsHeather Reinblatt1stBest LGBT Issue Coverage: WebLocal Transgender People Struggle for Acceptance
2016SPJ Sunshine State AwardsWUFT Noticias Staff1stSpanish Language All MediaNoticias WUFT: Oct. 17, 2015
2016SPJ Sunshine State AwardsMegan Trepper Bell2ndBest News Story: Low FrequencyTeacher of the Year
2016SPJ Sunshine State AwardsDahlia Ghabour2ndBest Profile: High Frequency WebHenna Artist Give Cancer Patients Crowns
2016SPJ Sunshine State AwardsDahlia Ghabour2ndBest Video: High FrequencyAre You Afraid to Be a Muslim in America?
2016SPJ Sunshine State AwardsJordan McPherson2ndBest Sports Story: High FrequencyA UF Volleyball Players Story
2016SPJ Sunshine State AwardsAshley Lombardo2ndBest LGBT Issue Coverage: WebUF's Trans Resource Network
2016SPJ Sunshine State AwardsClara Garcia/Nicole Segnini3rdPublic AffairsMinority Museums
2016SPJ Sunshine State AwardsHeather Reinblatt3rdBest Profile: High Frequency WebThe Hidden Toll for Some Gainesville 911 Operators
2016SPJ Sunshine State AwardsEric Brandin/Nicole Gomez3rdBest Video: High FrequencyGainesville's Repurpose Project Spreads Reuse Mission
2016SPJ Sunshine State AwardsDahlia Ghabour2ndBest Coverage of Race and MinoritiesAre You Afraid to Be a Muslim in America?
2016Florida AP Professional BroadcastingMarie Edinger1stIndividual AchievementMultiple Stories
2016Florida AP Professional BroadcastingJosh Williams1stSeries
2016Florida AP Professional BroadcastingWUFT-FM Staff1stBest Overall
2016Florida AP Professional BroadcastingJames Torrez2ndLight Features
2016Florida AP Professional BroadcastingJosh Williams2ndUse of Sound
2016Florida AP Professional BroadcastingWUFT-FM Staff2ndContinuing Coverage
2016Florida AP College BroadcastingJonathan Munoz1stBreaking News
2016Florida AP College BroadcastingMolly Robinson1stLong Hard News Feature
2016Florida AP College BroadcastingJessica Barreto1stShort Hard News Feature
2015Florida AP College BroadcastingTonia Bosellino1stBest Use of Sound
2016Florida AP College BroadcastingMorgan Rynor1stBreaking News
2016Florida AP College BroadcastingNikki del Castillo2ndNewscast
2016Florida AP College BroadcastingJordan McCool2ndBreaking News
2016Florida AP College BroadcastingMarie Edinger1stBest Short Radio Newscast
2016Florida AP College BroadcastingDiana Maglioni1stLong Hard News Feature
2016Florida AP College BroadcastingJosh Williams1stLong Light News Feature
2015Florida AP College BroadcastingRyan Nelson2ndSports
2015Florida AP College BroadcastingNicole Segnini2ndBest Use of Sound
2015SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellencePaige Andringa1stTV News Feature PhotographyZiplining
2015SPJ National Mark of ExcellenceRyan Nelson1stRadio In-Depth ReportingBusy Taxidermists
2015SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceMolly Robinson1stBest All-Around TV NewscastWUFT News First at Five
2015SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceTaylor Trache1stRadio Sports ReportingJockeys - misunderstood athletes
2015SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceJerry CornellFinalistRadio News ReportingExecution
2015SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceMarie EdingerFinalistRadio FeaturePiano Expertise
2015SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceThe Fine Print Magazine StaffFinalistBest Student MagazineThe Fine Print
2015SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceNikko TanFinalistTV Sports ReportingClimb for Cancer
2015SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceJames TorrezFinalistTV Feature ReportingRemembering Paradise Park
2015SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceJames TorrezFinalistTV General News ReportingConstruction Dangerous to Cars
2015SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceJosh WillliamsFinalistRadio In-Depth ReportingThe Thieves' Guild
2015SPJ Regional Mark of ExcellenceN. Acevedo, M. Robinson, J. Torrez, S. Matarazzo1stTelevision Breaking NewsSpanish Trace Apartment Shooting
2015Florida AP Professional BroadcastingMarie Edinger1stBest Breaking NewsDream Defender Protest
2015Florida AP Professional BroadcastingLeah Harding1stBest General Assignment ReportingVeteran's Day Homeless
2015Florida AP Professional BroadcastingCristina Mendez1stBest Use of SoundDudley Farm
2015SPJ Sunshine State AwardsNoticias WUFT1stBest Student Work - AudiovisualWeekly Spanish News Broadcast
2015Florida AP Professional BroadcastingTaylor Trache1stBest Series ReportingFruit Picking Inmates
2015Florida AP Professional BroadcastingJames Torrez1stBest Sports FeatureCan Gator Games Make You Deaf?
2015Florida AP Professional BroadcastingWUFT-FM Staff1stBest Weather ReportingHard Freeze Alert
2015Florida AP Professional BroadcastingLeah HardingFinalistCultural/Historical FeatureHajib Experience
2015Florida AP Professional BroadcastingLauren RautenkranzFinalistLight FeatureAnna Rose
2015Florida AP College BroadcastingNicole Acevedo1stBest Long Hard FeatureAlex Aguilar
2015Florida AP College BroadcastingAcevedo, Torrez, Robinson1stBest Breaking NewsSpanish Trace Shooting
2015Florida AP College BroadcastingRochelle Alleyne1stBest Use of SoundHampton Speed Trap
2015Florida AP College BroadcastingRene Beninate1stBest Long Light FeaturePet Project Helps Humans
2015Florida AP College BroadcastingAmada Clark1stBest TV NewscastWUFT News at Six
2015Florida AP College BroadcastingCorey Brooks, Bonnie Mott1stBest TV SportsSwamp Washout
2015Florida AP College BroadcastingDahlheimer, Kopelman, Hernandez1stBest Radio Newscast (15 min)19-Apr-14
2015Florida AP College BroadcastingAndrea Terrasa1stBest Long Hard FeatureMigrant Workers
2015Florida AP College BroadcastingJames Torrez1stBest Breaking NewsPolice Action Protest
2015Florida AP College BroadcastingJames Torrez1stBest Sports FeatureMMA Fighter with Disability
2015Florida AP College BroadcastingStephanie TinoccoFinalistBest Short Hard News FeatureGrandma's Gun
2015Florida AP College BroadcastingJonathan MunozFinalistLong Hard News FeatureCampus Militarization
2015National Broadcasting SocietyZak DahlheimerGrand PrizeBest Audio News SegmentStraight Outta Hampton: Story of a City's Survival
2015National Broadcasting SocietyTyler ChathamGrand PrizeScriptwriting: Spec ScriptsThe Office - The Drawing
2015National Broadcasting SocietyZak DahlheimerGrand PrizeBest Audio Sports SegmentGainesville Runners Remember Boston Bombing
2015National Broadcasting SocietyZak DahlheimerGrand PrizeBest Video Feature PackageGainesville Monkey Sanctuary
2015National Broadcasting SocietyZak DahlheimerGrand PrizeBest Video News SegmentRemembering the Victims of Bell Tragedy
2015National Broadcasting SocietyHachey, Benge, Way, StewartGrand PrizeAnimation"Pressed" Opening Credits
2015National Broadcasting SocietyNicole HallGrand PrizeScriptwriting: Drama ProgramThis Time Tomorrow
2015National Broadcasting SocietyElizabeth Austin TateGrand PrizeVideo CommercialsBurrito Famous
2015National Broadcasting SocietyHachey, Benge, Ciarmataro, BentTie for 1stScriptwriting: Comedy Program"Pressed" Episode 1 - Pilot
2015National Broadcasting SocietyHachey, Benge, Wax, StewartTie for FirstVideo Program Opener"Pressed" Opening Credits
2015Broadcast Educator's AssociationJulian HernandezBest of FestivalKing Foundation Award
2014Florida AP College BroadcastingC. Brooks, C. Lob, B. Milko1stBest Spot NewsBanner Plane Crash
2014Florida AP College BroadcastingKeighly Chambers1stBest Short Hard News Feature
2014Florida AP College BroadcastingEbony Joseph1stBest Use of SoundFeeding the Homeless
2014Florida AP College BroadcastingShauna Mackey1stBest TV Newscast
2014Florida AP College BroadcastingStephanie Tinocco1stBest Long Hard FeatureFlorida's Greyhound Industry
2014Florida AP College BroadcastingJennifer Tintner1stBest Long Light FeatureControlling Buzzards
2014Florida AP College BroadcastingHeather Van Bokland1stBest Long Radio Newscast (15 min)Newscast
2014Florida AP College BroadcastingChris Kirschner, Bothanina SalehFinalistLong Light Feature
2014Florida AP College BroadcastingMarc WhitemanFinalistLong Hard News Feature
2014Florida AP Professional BroadcastingEllyn Ayres1stInvestigativeOld UF Landfill
2014Florida AP Professional BroadcastingLeanna Scachetti1stBest Use of SoundCCC Revisited
2014Florida AP Professional BroadcastingSamantha Schuyler1stBest Hard News FeatureSmall Town Liquor Laws
2014Florida AP Professional BroadcastingTrevor SikkemaFinalistLight FeatureWar Poems
2014Florida AP Professional BroadcastingHeather Van Bokland/S. Schuyler1stBest Newscast (radio)
2014Florida AP Professional BroadcastingWUFT News1stPublic Affairs Program (TV)Veteran's Day Special Broadcast
2014Florida AP Professional BroadcastingWUFT News1stBest Web SiteWUFT.org
2014RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsLeanna Scachetti1stBreaking NewsBanner Plane Crash
2014RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsEllyn Ayres1stInvestigative ReportingOld UF Landfill
2014RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsChris Kirschner1stWriting (TV)
2014RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsLeah Harding1stUse of Video (online)Return to Haiti
2014RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsChris Peralta1stNews DocumentaryContentious Cleanup - Insight Florida
2014RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsSamantha Schuyler1stHard NewsSmall Town Liquor Laws
2014RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsWUFT News1stBest Affiliated WebsiteWUFT.org
2014Television Academy (Emmy Award)Shauna Mackey3rdNewscastWUFT First at Five
2013National Hearst Journalism AwardsSteven GalloFinalistTelevision News
2013SPJ National Mark of ExcellenceCameron TaylorFinalistRadio News ReportingCedar Key Oyster Industry in Trouble
2013SPJ National Mark of ExcellenceWUFT-FM StaffFinalistBest All-Around Radio NewscastFront Page Edition of All Things Considered
2013Broadcast Educator's AssociationErik UgartecheaHon. Ment.Television NewscastWUFT News First at Five
2013Broadcast Educator's AssociationWUFT-FM StaffHon. Ment.Radio NewscastFront Page Edition of All Things Considered
2013PRNDI AwardsLuis GiraldoFinalistBest Multi-Media PresentationTale of Two Marines
2013PRNDI AwardsWUFT-FM StaffFinalistContinuing CoverageTrayvon Martin Case
2013RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsWUFT-FM Staff1stAudio NewscastTragedy on I-75
2013PRNDI AwardsWUFT-FM StaffFinalistContinuing CoverageThe Search for Christian Aguilar
2013PRNDI AwardsWUFT-FM StaffFinalistBest Multi-Media PresentationI-75 Tragedy
2013Florida AP Professional BroadcastingCorey Brooks1stWeather ReportingLive Oak Residents Recovering from Debby
2013Florida AP Professional BroadcastingCorey Brooks, Luis Giraldo1stRadio Newscast up to 15 min.Remembering 9/11
2013Florida AP Professional BroadcastingKelsey Diaz1st-TIEUse of Sound for RadioStomp Brings Rhythm to Gainesville
2013Florida AP Professional BroadcastingDonna Green-Townsend1stLight FeatureRemembering the Legacy of Doc Watson
2013Florida AP Professional BroadcastingWUFT-FM Staff1stOverall ExcellenceWUFT-FM News Coverage Highlights
2013Florida AP Professional BroadcastingWUFT-FM Staff1st-TIEContinuing CoverageTrayvon Martin Death Stirs Legal Debate
2013Florida AP Professional BroadcastingWUFT-FM Staff1st-TIEContinuing CoverageSearch for Christian Aguilar
2013Florida AP Professional BroadcastingWUFT-FM Staff1stWeb SiteWUFT.org
2013Florida AP Professional BroadcastingWUFT-FM Staff1stElection CoverageWUFT-FM Election Coverage 2012
2013Florida AP Professional BroadcastingCameron Taylor1stIndividual AchievementIndividual Achievement
2013Florida AP Professional BroadcastingCameron Taylor1stHard News FeatureCedar Key Oyster Industry on the Brink
2013Florida AP Professional BroadcastingStephanie Denardo2ndWeather ReportingCedar Key Residents Brace for Debby
2013Florida AP Professional BroadcastingLuis Giraldo2ndMobile JournalistMobile Journalist Luis Giraldo
2013Florida AP Professional BroadcastingDana Lewin, Donna Green-Townsend2ndSports FeatureGator Football Underway, But Will Gainesville See Dollar Signs
2013Florida AP Professional BroadcastingKelsey Peck, Donna Green-Townsend2ndHard News FeatureI-75 Fatal Crashes Detailed in FDLE Report
2013Florida AP Professional BroadcastingCameron Taylor2ndBreaking NewsMichelle Obama Visits Gainesville
2013RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsLuis Giraldo1stAudio News DocumentaryVenezuelan Voters: The Personal Journey
2013RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsLuis Giraldo1stAudio News SeriesAfter the Wars: Veterans Learn to Cope
2013RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsCameron Taylor1stAudio News Reporting: Hard NewsCedar Key Oyster Industry on the Brink
2013RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsWUFT-FM Staff1stOverall ExcellenceNews Coverage 2012
2013RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsCorey Brooks and Danny Gibble1stAudio Sports ReportingYoung Gymnasts Find Role Models in London
2013RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsWUFT-FM Staff1stBroadcast Affiliated WebsiteWUFT.org
2013SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceDana Edwards1stGeneral News Photography (Large)Willy Dickey Picks Peas from Organic Farm
2013SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceLuis Giraldo1stOnline News Reporting (Large)Tale of Two Marines
2013SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceLuis Giraldo1stTelevision Feature PhotographyArt Education
2013SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceCameron Taylor1stTelevision Breaking News ReportingGrowing Evidence Suggest UF Student Murdered
2013SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceCameron Taylor1stRadio News ReportingCedar Key Oyster Industry in Trouble
2013SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceWUFT-FM Student Staff1stBest All-Around Radio NewscastFront Page Edition of All Things Considered
2013SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceLuis Giraldo2ndRadio In-Depth ReportingVenezuelan Voters: The Personal Journey
2013SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceWUFT-TV Student Staff2ndBest All-Around TV NewscastWUFT News First at Five
2013SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceLaura Christmas3rdTelevision News PhotographyHerding Gators: Police Tackle a Gator Game Day
2013SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceFine Print Staff3rdBest Student MagazineThe Fine Print
2013SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceErica A. Hernandez3rdSports Writing (Large)AmpSurf Offers Locals a New Lease on Life
2013SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceTyler Jett3rdFeature Writing (Large)Silenced Voices
2013SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceTori Petry3rdTelevision Sports ReportingGemma Spofforth: After the Olympics
2013National Broadcasting SocietyKyle BenzionGrand PrizeAudio Sports SegmentUF Women's Basketball Center Handles Tragedy
2013National Broadcasting SocietyLauren RautenkranzGrand PrizeVideo Feature PackageWhen 5-Year-Olds Invade Swamp
2013National Broadcasting SocietyCameron TaylorGrand PrizeAudio News SegmentCedar Key Oyster Industry in Trouble
2013National Broadcasting SocietyCameron TaylorGrand PrizeVideo News SegmentGrowing Evidence Suggest UF Student Murdered
2013National Broadcasting SocietyWUFT-TV Student StaffGrand PrizeVideo News ProgramWUFT News First at Five
2013National Broadcasting SocietyCatherine AwasthiFinalistVideo News PackageFlorida Gun Sales Soar After Election
2013National Broadcasting SocietyMicah Blakeslee, Nicolas Cravey, Daniel JenningsFinalistVideo Drama ProgramBeyond the Mortal Veil
2013National Broadcasting SocietyTaylor ClemonsFinalistSpec ScriptsRock, Paper, Scissors, Porn
2013National Broadcasting SocietySteven GalloFinalistVideo Feature SegmentBarberGators
2013National Broadcasting SocietyLuis GiraldoFinalistVideo Feature PackageArt Education
2013National Broadcasting SocietyLauren RautenkranzFinalistAudio Feature SegmentElderly Couple Works with Gainesville Food Bank
2013National Broadcasting SocietyLuba SolonenkoFinalistVideo News PackageAlachua County Unemployment
2013National Broadcasting SocietyLucas TrevinoFinalistVideo Movie TrailerHack
2013National Broadcasting SocietyWUFT-FM Student StaffFinalistAudio News ProgramI-75 Tragedy
2013National Hearst Journalism AwardsSteven Gallo1stRadio NewsCompeted with Top 5 in nation
2012SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceSteven GalloReg & Nat 1stRadio News ReportingExecution of Manuel Valle
2012SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceKatie Gillen1stTelevision Sports PhotographyConor Dwyer
2012SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceKatie Keene & Gabe Mandler1stTelevision News PhotographyControlled Burn
2012SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceJared Misner1stOnline Feature ReportingRunning Through Life
2012SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceRicardo Navarro & Kelsey Peck1stTelevision Feature PhotographyCanyons Zipline
2012SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceKelsey Peck1stTelevision Feature ReportingMolly and Maria's Excellent Adventure
2012SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceWUFT NEWS1stBest All Around NewscastWUFT News
2012SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceHenry Taksier1stFeature PhotographyFenced in: Superfund Refugees
2012SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceStephanie Bechara2ndRadio Feature ReportingWithout a Roof, But Still Filled With Hope
2012SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceTrent Kelly2ndRadio News ReportingState Senator Fans Airboat Controversy
2012SPJ Region 3 Mark of ExcellenceDana Edwards3rdGeneral News PhotographyStudents Helping Habitat for Humanity
2012SPJ Sunshine State AwardsSteven Gallo1stCollege Journalist of the Year
2012SPJ Sunshine State AwardsMarc Whiteman1stSports ReportingDespite Slump Jaguars Keep Faith
2012SPJ Sunshine State AwardsWUFT-FM Staff1stRadio NewscastDeadly Earthquake Devastates Japan
2012SPJ Sunshine State AwardsTrent Kelly2ndGovernment CoverageOelrich Bill on Airboat Controversy
2012SPJ Sunshine State AwardsMarc Whiteman2ndSports ReportingUF National Champs Honored in Rival Stadium
2012SPJ Sunshine State AwardsWUFT-FM Staff2ndContinuing CoverageNASA: Past, Present and Future
2012SPJ Sunshine State AwardsDonna Green-Townsend3rdPublic AffairsRiver CD Educates about Waterways
2012Florida AP Professional BroadcastingAlyssa Averette1stUse of Sound for RadioSept. 11: We Will Never Forget
2012Florida AP Professional BroadcastingC.Bachman/K.Krawchenko/T. Krynski1stContinuing CoverageNASA: Past, Present and Future
2012Florida AP Professional BroadcastingSteven Gallo1stIndividual AchievementRadio News
2012Florida AP Professional BroadcastingSteven Gallo1stLight FeatureAnother Pavarotti in the Making
2012Florida AP Professional BroadcastingSteven Gallo1stHard News FeatureExecution of Manuel Valle
2012Florida AP Professional BroadcastingTrent Kelly1stMobile JournalistTrent Kelly Mobile Journalist
2012Florida AP Professional BroadcastingJordan Matich1stSports FeatureFootball and Small Towns
2012Florida AP Professional BroadcastingRicardo Navarro1stBest Hard NewsSuwannee Springs
2012Florida AP Professional BroadcastingWUFT-FM Staff1stOverall AchievementWUFT-FM
2012Florida AP Professional BroadcastingWUFT-FM Staff1stWeb SiteWUFT Website
2012Florida AP Professional BroadcastingTrent Kelly & Darby UnderwoodFinalistBest Continuing CoverageOccupy Gainesville
2012Florida AP Professional BroadcastingSteven GalloFinalistUse of Sound for RadioLong Hot March to the Swamp
2012Florida AP Professional BroadcastingDonna Green-TownsendFinalistLight FeatureFlorida Songbird Elisabeth Williamson
2012Florida AP Professional BroadcastingDonna Green-TownsendFinalistPublic AffairsHistory & Plight of Florida Waterways
2012Florida AP Professional BroadcastingMarc WhitemanFinalistSports FeatureGators Honored in Rival Stadium
2012Florida AP College BroadcastingAlyssa AveretteFinalistLong Hard News FeatureFlorida Changes Sexting Laws
2012Florida AP College BroadcastingStephanie BecharaFinalistBest Use of SoundGainesville Mariachi Fiesta
2012Florida AP College BroadcastingStephanie BecharaFinalistLong Light FeatureAcorn Clinic
2012Florida AP College BroadcastingStephanie BecharaFinalistLong Hard News FeatureNursing Home Quality of Life
2012Florida AP College BroadcastingTrent KellyFinalistBest Spot NewsHaleigh Cummings Anniversary
2012Florida AP College BroadcastingCaitlin LawrenceFinalistBest SportsBehind the Scenes: College Sports on CBS
2012Florida AP College BroadcastingGabe MandlerFinalistBest Hard Feature - ShortControlled Burn
2012Florida AP College BroadcastingChrissy McLartyFinalistLong Light FeatureSmall Business Saturday
2012Florida AP College BroadcastingChrystie MartinezFinalistBest Hard News Feature - LongStep Into Africa
2012Florida AP College BroadcastingKelsey PeckFinalistBest Light News Feature - LongMolly and Maria's Excellent Adventure
2012Florida AP College BroadcastingChris PeraltaFinalistBest TV NewscastWUFT News
2012Florida AP College BroadcastingKristi PossonFinalistBest Light News Feature - ShortHorses 'N Heroes
2012Florida AP College BroadcastingJulie Quittner/TV Sports TeamFinalistBest SportsGators Reach Elite eight
2012National Broadcasting SocietyTrent KellyGrand PrizeVideo News PackageOccupy Gainesville
2012Florida AP College BroadcastingMarc WhitemanFinalistBest SportsDespite Slump Jaguars Keep Faith
2012National Broadcasting SocietyKatie GillenGrand PrizeVideo Sports PackageConor Dwyer Profile
2012National Broadcasting SocietyIva Tchotchev, ProducerGrand PrizeVideo News ProgramWUFT News
2012National Broadcasting SocietyChrystie MartinezFinalistVideo News SegmentStep Into Africa
2012National Broadcasting SocietyKelsey PeckFinalistVideo Feature SegmentMolly and Maria's Excellent Adventure
2012Broadcast Educator's AssociationIva Tchotchev, Producer3rdTV NewscastWUFT News
2012RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsC.Bachman/K.Krawchenko/T. Krynski1stContinuing CoverageNASA: Past, Present and Future
2012RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsSteven Gallo1stAudio Reporting Hard NewsExecution of Manuel Valle
2012RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsSteven Gallo1stAudio Feature ReportingAnother Pavarotti in the Making
2012RTNDA Murrow National AwardsSteven Gallo1stAudio Reporting Hard NewsExecution of Manuel Valle
2012RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsDonna Green-Townsend1stAudio News DocumentaryEnvironmental Education Through Song
2012RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsJordan Matich1stAudio Sports ReportingSmall Town Big Football Dreams
2012RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsWUFT-FM - wuft.org1stBest WebsiteWUFT-FM News
2012RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsWUFT-FM Staff1stBest OverallWUFT-FM News
2012RTNDA Murrow Regional AwardsWUFT-FM Staff1stBest Newscast 3/11/12Coverage of Japan's Earthquake (ATC)
2017SPJ Green Eyeshade AwardsEthan Magoc, Michael Stone, Chase Drayer, Justin Thompkins1stTelevisionPearl Harbor: 75 Years Later
2017SPJ Green Eyeshade AwardsEthan Magoc, Michael Stone, Chase Drayer, Justin Tompkins1stTelevision DocumentaryPearl Harbor: 75 Years Later